Sunday, 2 August 2009

A truely beautifull day out in Ashby England

What a fantasic day out, cheap and great value for money, loved it, going back in time to the middleages in England, interesting and great fun. See what England use to be like,

Can we also say to the idiots that like to belittle the BFF, that like Leeds, and Nuneaton, this is NOT A OP, It just BFF having fun, and learning a lil about our history as well..


  1. Was a great day out, a fantastic place with the days entertainments thrown in for free! & not a black or asian face to be seen! Makes you feel proud an honoured to be British a proud warrior race.

  2. Yes Chubs it really was a lovely day, relaxing and funny and proof we can have fun sometimes as well lol.


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