Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Goverment funds Film using real 'Gansta's' & glamourising guns

Anti-gang campaigners reacted with horror as the 1st images of a gangster movie shot on the streets of Handsworth in Birmingham. hip hop gangster film 1 day was shot using teenagers from the area, has been criticised for encouraging impressionable youngsters to join violent criminal gangs.Its believed former members of of the notorious 'Johnson crew' & 'Burger Bar Boys' advised film makers in a bid to make the plot as realistic as possible.
With a ganster rap sound track, one of the gangs open fire in a drive by shooting, & in another scene a boy who looks no older than 10 handles a gun, winning the respect of one of the senior gangsters, Cash for the film came from a goverment funded regional agency Screen WM. Councilor Barton said ' we are spending thousands of £'s to try & stop kids getting into gangs, while the goverment is effectively funding films with the opposite message'

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