Monday, 17 August 2009

The cowardly UAF

This is Monty. Monty is 65 years old and yesterday he was confronted by a mob of moronic UAF in Codnor as he left the RWB Festival to go about his business. One gobby fuckwit from the UAF took offense to Montys RWB wristband and set about telling the old gent "I'm going to get you!" and just to make sure that Monty didn't get out of hand the UAF turnip was eagerly backed up by more of his middle class rebels without a clue shouting abuse and threats. "Was I afraid?" says Monty "....well yes and no....I was only afraid that I was going to be out numbered". So this is what it comes to then? Mobs of cowards from the UAF attacking old men. Well done Monty, you are an inspiration to us all.


Top marks to RWB security for sniffing out an 'anti-fash' on Friday night/Saturday moring. After being apprehended on the RWB campsite and detained he was searched. Under his Union Flag T-shirt he was wearing some 'anti-fash' wrag and his tobacco tin was adorned with a picture of Ché Guevara. What we can tell you is he is from the West country and not very bright. The police were informed and he was escorted to his car and was then promptly arrested by Police for drink driving as soon as he was out of the gate. Drink driving reds and attacks on old men, fucking vermin. We'll bring you more if and when we get it.

Courtasy from the covert team.

The UAF are really so brave aren't they, 2 BFF go to Lancaster for a UAF meet, and not one of em say fuck all, we have the vid evidence to prove it, but a old BNP man and they have all the balls in the world, especially when they out number him.

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