Sunday, 9 August 2009

From one of our boys

I was there yesterday.
Had a kick off with some muslim and nigger scum just up the road from where these low lives were having their 'protest'

Walking up the road with 10-15 lads looking for the EDL protest as it was meant to be at the Bull Ring. When from behind us we heard a shout of 'come on then you BNP cunts' which we was then confronted by around 30 pakis and niggers, some running to a nearby restaurant table to grab knives off it.

Brave bastards. Anyway a stand off ensued and we went toe to toe with them. The police then arrived and we ran off down a side street to get away from them. Luckily, faced with bigger numbers and they were armed, we only had a couple of minor injuries amongst us. Well done pakis HAHA

We will be back bigger and more prepared next time fucking filthy bastards!


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