Sunday, 30 August 2009


Went for a early morning run this morning, as I was on my way home a taxi went past and shouted at me, I shouted back, I carried on running the taxi turned right at the lights, as I was nearly home I saw something at the corner of my eye, it was the bloody taxi, it slowed right down and the bloke was learning over his steering wheel glaring at me, so I stopped and invited him out the car, but then he drove off.

What the hell gives idiots the right to harrass innocent people who are minding there own business, going for a jog? Weather its training, on the internet, politics or work, you always get some twat thats has to try and spoil it for everybody else, just to boost his own ego.


  1. LOL. Very cowardly of him to shout and then just drive off.

  2. I am an Iranian anti Zionist and anti Illuminati fighter,a very rare thing!!! I am also totally agree with being proud of our own race and even try to protect it, but as a human being I am against any kind of racist slogan and anti foreigners activity and strongly believe this kind of activity just helps those that we are fighting against, this article has a right name that we should try not to have it as a batch to ourselves, I am writing this because I have two racist friends that after a while talking with me they find out that we are all the same in different color, I am looking for real and honest people as partners not enemy I am not your enemy but a supporter, it's odd? get it as you want, my enemy are those who are supporting Jewish president of Iran Ahmadinejad and those who are covering up his real Jewish background, not the people of england but those Jewish Bankers sitting in the City of London,
    God bless you all


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