Sunday, 30 August 2009

America is falling apart?

Brother R. James Latest News: Hello, HERE´S SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATIONthat I recommend everyone to become aware of. First is video proof ofhow CNN faked news fromthe Gulf war, claiming to be filmed on site in Saudi Arabia, butactually filmed in a movie studio!Never believe anything on a mainstream media site again. You will beshocked and astonishedno matter how much you think you know about media mind-control! Next,a story that claimsthat a secret has the power to take down the world´s financial system:America´s gold reservesare non-existent, sold out by the Federal Reserve Bank! Next, an ArmyCaptain and Flight Surgeonrefuses re-deployment until Obongo proves his eligibility to bePresident of USA. Finally, Madonna, gets booed in concert by her fansfor supporting Gypsy criminals! My Google group: me: Here´s a MUST SEE video showing PROOF of how the major media FAKESNEWS and NEWSCASTS! CNN wants you to believe THEIR TRICKERY AND LIES!See video link: A secret that will destroy the world´s financial system! There's a secret out there. A secret so incredible, so horrifying, sotoxic that if the public ever heard about it, it would destroy theworld's financial system. That sounds like a big claim. Who's makingit? A consortium of the world's biggest and most powerful banks. Fed urges secrecy on banks in bailout programs"Banks say disclosure could cause loss of confidence" (And, collapseAmerican, and possible world financial system Federal Reserve Has Until September 30 To Appeal Judge Preska'sDecision Female Captain & Flight Surgeon refuses to be deployed to Iraq untilObama’s legitimacy for the position of the Commander in Chief isverified! More at link: Madonna booed in Bucharest for defending Gypsies R. James: Anybody that knows anything about gypsy "Roma" would knowthat these people make their continued living by begging, stealingANYTHING that isn´t nailed down. They are also prolific at thefts andfrauds - all against European peoples. They are a minority that wantsto stay in the dark ages, keep their children out of schools so thatthey can learn the "gypsy arts" - begging and stealing. That´s thetruth! more at link:_________________________________________________________________________R. James: So, between the coming dollar collapse, the second-generation swine flu and killer vaccine, the coming Martial law in theUS, and the growing discontent with Obongo, we should soon see dailyviolence on the streets of America and then, other parts of the world.I believe we are headed for WW3, and I look forward to an end of thecurrent insanity and degeneracy all around me.I´m tired of the apathy most people display, and I want to see thecommon idiots scurrying like littlecockroaches and frantic and crying because their delusional realitybubble has finally been burst!I´m tired of seeing so many white westerners with their adoptedchinese babies. Tired of seeing half of all white women with ghettoniggers, spics or any non-white peon. Tired of seeing so many whitemen with their Asian mail-order brides, or their fat, disgusting"latinas". Tired of being in public places filled with the toxic smokeof the degenerates and their illuminati poison cigerettes.Tired of seeing goofy white people with dreadlocks and facialpiercings with that stoned and stupid look on their faces! Tired ofmale, new aquantances asking me "what team do you follow?" "(RJ:)IDONT WATCH NIGGER-BALL DUDE! And, I´m focused on more important thingsthan "the bread and circuses" of the Zionist illuminati machine" I´mtired of this whole ball of shit called "western civilisation" thathas been destroyed from within by the illuminati Satanists hidingbehind Zionism, Catholicism, Islam, Capitalism, Communism, and therest of the manufactured "isms" to mind-control the common people intoslavery! Let the one true Creator now allow the full-scale destructionof these sick, degenerate societies and may they crumble into dust!


  1. Great post kinsman.Ive watched footage of a trial that took place in America before the 1st Iraq war.The allegation was Iraqi troops storming through Kuwait and throwing babies out of the incubators,who were sick in hospital.The trial was shown throughout the world and was great propaganda to start a war against Iraq.The court had a lady on the stand crying and saying how lots of these innocent babies died,this lady turned out to be a daughter of an Kuwaiti embassy minister in the U.S and shed never even been to Kuwait.

    The Jewish controlled federal bank is virtually bankrupt and our Jewish controlled gold reserve in the U.K is in the same state.
    They have destroyed our society,stole all our money and still the masses are completely naive to the fact.Our government should also be hung for treason,the whole bloody lot of them!

    Israel have stated they will start a war with Iran.Israel have 550 nuclear warheads,Iran have non!

  2. I have started to see a growing number of BNP'ers on you tube and comments on blogs supporting Israel.I believe the Jews are trying to start wars in the U.K and the world to divert us from the real treat that they pose,the Muslims are a symptom of the disease not the cause.

    Watch the video below and have a look at the site,very interesting.

    If we as a nation take our eyes off the ball the kick wont connect!

  3. The problem with british politics is that most Brits focas on just the Muslims, now the muslims on the british streets are a big problem, there is no getting away from that, but the people who are pulling there strings, and controlling the Politics is the Zionist scum, and there just as much a problem if not bigger.


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