Friday, 25 June 2010



'We live in changing times where certain thoughts are now a crime'

These lines went through my head on Tuesday 22nd June, I was in Liverpool crown court. Hearing the proscution sum up WiganMikes case.

Regardless of wether you like or dislike Mike, his case is one that all of us in our community should take notice & heed the warnings, that potentially could affect all our lives. Mike was on trial for expressing his opinions on a forum.

Two charges of scoliciting murder, four charges of inciting racial hatred, contary to news reports Mike never wrote kill or murder, the word he used was destroy, whilst talking about a global political system (he did mention the word jews). The arguement was that others on the forum could read his posts & decide to take the law into their own hands & murder innocents. Likewise with the inciting charges they were in responce to vids &/ or news postings or just expressing his opinion which other forum members replied to the prosicution argued that he was angry when he made these posts & how that affected his thoughts to what he posted,

Bearing in mind these posts were on a forum he was on over 2 years ago & for a period of only 5 months populated by likeminded people who joined through word of mouth, it was a forum any regular man on the street wouldn't stumble in to it was the replies to his posts that gained him a 2 & a half year prison sentance, In other words he incited racists to be racist.

Not only is Mike serving a min of 15 months hes had his home searched, wall paper pulled off wall carpets lifted nothing illegial or untoward was found, spent 7 days being questioned, social services harrassing him, his daughter & the mother of his youngest child, 6 months of being under virtual house arrest, months of signing on every night at the local police station.

Mike has asked me to write this as a warning to you all & as 1 of my greatest friends its my honour, if it stops any one else going through what he has, please think before you post.

As it was said in court Mikes views arent illegial his thoughts were.