Monday, 10 August 2009

NF comment on EDL

NF Comment: The English Defence League and the Casuals United have made a number of anti-NF statements yet at the same time ARE standing up for British rights and standing against the Islamification of Great Britain. The National Front view is that they are directionless young men and women who are trying to play the anti-racist card whilst at the same time promoting a sort of English/Welsh Nationalism. They are obviously groups who need to be educated correctly on the political implications of their actions. The National Front has long predicted that spontaneous groups such as the EDL and the Casuals would emerge. The irony is that for all their anti-NF placards they still ended up fighting with our common enemy - Unite Against Fascism on Birmingham's streets yesterday. The NF says to these groups. Get yourself POLITICALLY organised behind the NF rather than these random anti-Muslim protests. Legal and disciplined counter demonstrations are the only way street action should and in fact can be carried out. The NF has years of experience in demos, marches and counter demos. Do not LASH OUT blindly! ORGANISE and EDUCATE and then DEMONSTRATE!

BFF comment..

EDL will not support the NF, because the EDL, don't want to get political organised, as they have members from all race and colours as well as beliefs, nor will EDL get behind the NF, the NF, has tried to get some were politically for 42 years and failed, the EDL, have gone on a few street ops and made many people aware of Muslims extremists, they fight for britian, not for politics.
I personally commend the brave lads of the EDL, and any street active org that fights for our country, and people.


  1. I can understand why the NF would put out such a message, they are in the process of rebuilding and have expressed a desire to become the sort of street / political force they were in the 70's. Obviously they have not looked into the EDL properly, by this I'm refering to the anti "racist" message and the inclusion of niggers and other non whites in their numbers.

    Personally I would not and will not stand shoulder to shoulder with EDL. I am racist and of that I'm not ashamed. Also worth a mention is that as they get bigger they will become more exposed to infiltrators, and with the lack of racial boundaries they could even be infiltrated by niggers, pakis pretending not to be muzzies, and Jews as well as the usual commie white traitors.

    We need to be a little more cautious of who we mix with, traps are waiting to be sprung.

  2. I think thats as anyone group gets bigger, they will be filled with infiltrators, the NF has as well had its fair share of undesirables, I do agree that we have to be cautious, but its no secret that the NF has Jews in there ranks, BNP as mixed races in there ranks.

    There is a difference between NS, and Nationalists, EDL,NF/BNP are all Nationalist, not NS.

    I believe in street action, so were do we turn to, NF? BNP? BPP?

    I think the NF are good at what they do, I support them fully,

    I also think the BNP are good at what they do.

    And the EDL are good at what they do.


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