Monday, 3 August 2009

Today in the Jobcenter

Well went to the job center to sign on today and waited ages as I was eventually seen I was told there was a problem and can I sign more forms, when I did I was told that I haven't been looking for enough work, I have been looking every day, and have had interviews, as well as sent for jobs and filled in application forms, but I have to do 2 a week, now sometimes Ii can go for as much as 6 a week, but in the past 2 weeks there hasn't been any jobs in our local Job center, so I have only sent 2 applications off and filled in 1 application form to a factory I visited.

I told the Jobcenter that and they said we know you have been looking for work but it has to be 2 a week, not 4 one week then none the week after, I said WHAT! But if the jobs aint there how can I apply for them, all they said was thats not part of your job seekers agreement.

I was told I now will lose 2 weeks benefits money, and being a single dad that sucks, hang on a min , I thought the J.C was here to help ya, not punish ya for actually looking for work.

Now some scum were I live have no intentions of looking for work and are never short of money, HOW, bang out of order :evil:

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