Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Brum joins Casual United

It seems the idiotic left are accusing anyone that has any dealings with the far right are racist, or anybody that fights for there race or country are automatic racist, fools when will the left get it in there head Islam extremists are a threat to all none muslims not just us, stop trying to divide people who wanna fight for this country, because your to gutless to do it.

Birmingham city firm the Zulu's have joined Casual United, to fight against Muslims extremists, AND BEFORE YOU SAY THERE RACISTS, there top boys are Black.


  1. It Looks like a Number of "Firms" are Uniting against the Muslim Takeover of the UK.
    Spotted on the ICF [Inter City Firm] Forum just last night; Demo against Muslims planned for Aug 30th In Birmingham, [As well as the Luton one].
    Not sure about the Black Involvement, Guess its a case of what is the Biggest Threat to our Nation and way of Life, And thats got to be Islam/Muslims.

  2. If anyone looks at the Indymedia shite, they say that the firms are racist that dare to stand up to Islam, its not even Islam there Islam extremists that there standing upto, now I think there far more of a threat than EDL/CASUAL united.

    So what if there far right people in there groups, there's also ethnics so how the hell does that make them racist?

    Scare mongering tactics to frighten people into accepting those that really wish to harm us.

    On the Times online
    One idiot says they must be racist because they was singing England? When has singing the football national Anthem so to speak ever been classed as racists? I've seen passionate black football fans singing the same thing, and racist to who? Islam? Islam aint a race its a religion.

    Stupid left retards.

  3. EDL/WDL, Casuals United, BDL.

    It should be obvious what with such infantile organisational names that this if nothing more or less than a State honey-trap.

    Once the State has collated the intelligence they need these cretins who are behind all this will be shut down in a blink of an eye, don't believe me? fair enough, but remember, don't be whinging when it happens to you and most definately don't be coming to me and incriminating me in your work.

    There are plenty of groups already out there who are doing it, and if their not, then start one yourselves.

    These ain't even football hooligans as they claim, they are the second generation in the main who know nothing of the old school.

  4. @ Harrymay..

    If its a state honey trap.then why have the main boys been arrested?
    Who are you that we should come whinging, and whining to?
    Why whould other people start another group, when a so far successful group like this is being called a honey trap?
    There is some original 80's boys there, and there was bog trouble in the early millienium from the Cardiff boys.

    May I ask your opinion on how to deal with this? And also your evidence on why there possible state.

    I appreciate your advice, but I think cdonstructive advice would be more appreciated.
    Everytime a org or group sets up to fight the evil, and become mildly successful everyone always says there state, or there this.


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