Wednesday, 26 August 2009

American Illuminati Holocaust is coming

International plan to destroy America from within! R. James: there is an International plan to destroy America by theruling illuminati familes that rule this planet. They are about toexecute the final steps in this plan. They are setting up a financialcollapse and at the same time creating an unbearable situation wherebythey will attempt to force Americans to take a vaccine, supposedly forthe H1N1 virus( swine flu), and if they refuse, they will be herdedinto detention centers where they will be promptly KILLED. If youthink this is sensationalist nonsense, YOU REALLY NEED TO WAKE UP ANDSMELL THE EVIL! Watch/read the following videos and articles if youwant to know what is REALLY going on. Don´t delay, your time is short!And, if you are not American, well you should still be concernedbecause they will be doing the SAME TO YOU in the not-too-distantfuture. THE COMING AMERICAN HOLOCAUST !!! VERY IMPORTANT Leaked FEMA Training Video Domestic Terrorism FEMA Domestic Terrorism & Genocide Growing Poverty And Despair In America

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