Friday, 27 February 2009

RVF interview the BFF

RVF - Can you tell us a little about your recent history, the leadership situation and your plans for the future?

BFF - Our recent history evolves around full on street action, we started the BFF after a split with the ASF, all though I started the ASF,, I didn't want to be associated with some of the committee for there actions which was dishonourable, a few felt the same way and followed me, hence the BFF was formed, and also because at the time we wasn't aware that other groups was our way of thinking, I started the BFF, but as such I don't see myself as the leader, we kind of all work together, we have divisions were there is a person who people go to for ops, I suppose a organizer would be a good word, our plans for the future is to take our streets back, and inspire other groups to join in, we will be looking at venturing further abroad, and want full on unity with other groups and orgs, that are our way of thinking, and want the same thing.

RVF - What are your views on working with other Aryan organisations?

BFF - I think in order to accomplish our aims it is not only necessary but is an absolute, BUT, it will only work with serious orgs, and like minded people, we won't work with fence sitters, or people we don't trust, unlike our alliance with the RVF, and a few others who support us, as we support them.
RVF - Could you tell us about your aims…

BFF - Our aims is to promote White unity, we are sick to death of our people being treated and classed as 2nd class citizens, build confidence in our people, and to promote NS ideals, Trust honour and Loyalty, and the 14words, we at the moment are fighting for Britain, but our ultimate aim is uniting all Northern European together, i.e. WPWW.

RVF - What do you see as the difference between the BFF, and other orgs?

BFF - I think the main difference with us and other orgs is the fact we take it to
the streets, we will face our enemies, and we mean what we say.

RVF - Would you say that you are a nationalist socialist organisation?

BFF - Indeed I do, we don't live in the past of Hitler, but we do live by the principles of what he started, it is proven the only political ideology that put into practice actually works, works for our kin, our race, other ideals like communism, has proven to be very destructive, and has never worked.

RVF - That said, would you be willing to work with National Socialist groups worldwide?

BFF - All though at the moment we are concentrating on Britain, we definitely want to go world wide, we want all round unity, wherever that takes us.

RVF - Are there any orgs or groups that the BFF works with and respects?

BFF - We have a few, but I can only mention a couple, as some are political, and don't want to be associated with a NS hardcore group.
The RVF is one group who I admire, they are very similar to the BFF, and were also friends with them, they supported us, and have worked with us.
WOLFPACK, USA... All though we haven't worked with them yet, we support them, as they support us, and we class each other as allies.

RVF - How do people join the BFF?

BFF - People join the BFF by agreeing on a meet with any full member of the BFF, they then become prospects, they have to at least commit one active op before being a full member, and live by our Motto, TRUST HONOUR and LOYALTY..

RVF - What changes do you think you will have to make to sway the general public in your favour and gain the upper hand on the BNP?

BFF - Ok in my opinion it doesn't matter, as we are not a political party, the BNP have there ways, we have ours, the BNP are Nationalists, we are National Socialists.

RVF - I feel the general public are sympathetic towards your policies, but are put off by your perceived Nazi image, how do you plan to address this problem?

BFF - Because were not a political party it doesn't matter, but when the Whiteman realizes that he doesn't have to be afraid anymore, and see others following suit, the Whiteman will get his bulldog spirit back, and fight.

RVF - Do you think there is a conspiracy to bring down the White race?

BFF - Oh yes, I don't think its a Jewish problem any more, but there certainly involved, more so the Marxist Jews, I believe the corrupt government as there own agenda, and were not in it, except to destroy us, its like a chess game, and were the pawns, the sheer evidence of how our race is diminishing, and the ethnics is increasing, the evidence what the government doesn't want us to know, like the preference of ethnics in Jobs, school, housing, health service, and a lot of there contribution to our society, is violence, muggings, rape and killings the government would have you believe this is not true, yet despite there is a even amount of whites and ethnics, the jails, and slums in Britain would suggest different.

RVF - The powers that be have so much influence and the ballot box has failed our people, how and why do you think you will gain victory this time?

BFF - We need to awaken our people up, which is where street action comes in, the rigged ballot boxes don't work anymore, victory will come when the Whiteman fights back, and realizes that were being destroyed, hopefully it won't be to late.

RVF - If the BNP or the NF stood in the same ward as the BFF would you stand down for the greater good for the community?

BFF - We are not political, it won’t happen.

RVF - We all comprehend the dire economic situation Britain is presently enduring, however Polish and Italian people are White, if they settle and produce Aryan offspring won’t this benefit our falling birth rate?

BFF - At the end of the day, we are all white, foreign whites can and do live in our communities, a second generation of Poles will act and look no different to Native Brits, they can blend in our community, but once you go with a coloured ethnic, they will always be coloured, which means they will always have the ethnic genes, which is so different to ours in every way, a half Pole/Brit will class himself as white, and live like a white, a half caste black will always be black, same as a Pakistani.

RVF - What is the BFF’s view on Islam?

BFF - Islam is one of the biggest most dangerous modern religion to date, I do think hat they get blamed for a lot of things that they didn't do, like twin towers, but that doesn't stop them forcing Islam down our throats, beheading our people, and openly bragging about world domination, there a threat to every none Muslim, and for a newish religion, why are they so backward, they encourage acts that is alien to the white man, paedophilia, suicide bombings, beheadings.

RVF - What are your observations on the Aryan Homeland concept?

BFF - In order for our race to survive, it would be perfect, but at the moment it’s probably a pipe dream, but I will work on it as much as I can to make it a reality.

RVF - Thanks for your time, we wish you well in your struggle and hope the bonds of racial camaraderie have been further strengthened by this interview.


Sunday, 22 February 2009

BFF in Brighton pt2

The BFF Southern division paid a little trip to Brighton to check out the red stalls, one of our youth who showed a lot of courage, he walked upto a stall and started taking pictures, a big red bravely tried to wrestle the camera off him, but our young warrior was having none of it, a scuffle ensured, he not only is a BFF young warrior, but very loyal to the BFF as well, putting himself out on many occasions.

When the other BFF saw this and came to help there comrade at which point the reds said they don't want trouble?????? Mmmmm even stevens maybe? Not to there liking, out numbered again and the BFF prove once again they will go any were.

Heil BFF, 8266

ps pictures to be put up shortly

Friday, 20 February 2009

appology from the wp pt2

Well I have been accused of all sorts of lies and that like Tony White I am a wrong un, now from there own lips the Wolfpack admit I am not, and like TW, the same wil come of him, it seems the more active a person is, the more they get slated, but if were all fighting for the same cause why?

So now is the time to end all this net war and get on with the real work.

Appologes from the Wolfpack

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Author Topic: Truce with the BFF (Read 40 times)

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Truce with the BFF
« on: February 12, 2009, 07:17:48 PM »

Last night, i spoke with WiganMike in an attempt to put an end to the recent arguments between our two orgs. We were both keen to put an end to the bickering and threats which seem to have escalated recently. These arguments do nothing other than harm the movement as a whole and i'm pleased to say that we've reached agreement.

When this forum first went up, a certain person came on and threatened us. I was under the impression that this was Mike. I reacted towards this and the arguments ensued. I have since found out that this was not in fact Mike. Therefore, I would like to extend my apologies to Mike for blaming him and for certain accusations that followed.

Mike also feels that i have been implying that he's state. To clear this up, i would like to say that i do not believe Mike to be either a red or state operative. I hope this helps clear the name of a fellow national socialist who is doing what he can for the movement and hope that in future our two orgs will be able to help each other rather than slag each other off.

I would also like to thank Kruger and BigBadWolf for their efforts in helping to find a peaceful way forward. Thanks chaps.

For the record; From this point on, I will not be a party to any arguments between either orgs or individuals. Should i find any posts slating other orgs, i will remove them immediately and have words with the offender. As far as i am now concerned, this issue is now done with and we can look forward, rather than open old wounds.
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Re: Truce with the BFF
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2009, 08:35:21 PM »

It is high time that an effective and consistent truce between the BFF and Wolfpack was put into place.

I have met Kruger on a number of occasions, and have spoken with him on the fone about this matter several times recently. He has agreed to come onto our Boards and is dedicated NS.

Our very own Big Bad Wolf has also sought to resolve the issue, and thanks are due to both brothers.

So now our respective orgs can concentrate on the task of building NS and a common White Future.

Any detrimental comments regarding Mike or the BFF will be subject to deletion.

Thanks comrades.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Cowardly Kev

Video proof of the 30yr activist coward.

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Just got back from Coventry, we arrived there in plenty of time, as we spread out we had a few none known boys handing out NF stuff right out side the commie meet, we waited and waited, and they never turned up, but we was surprised we had a fantastic response from the general public, we got rid of a few hundred NF leaflets in 15mins.

We spotted a socialist venue, we let them know we was there, and gave em NF stuff, we let them know we will be back, and they fled, we was very surprised that the brave commies heard the BFF was coming and changed there venue and times, we noticed a few spotters, and they all fled,

The BFF turned up with a good crowd, and a big full respect to LONE WOLF, it was his first Midland op and we recruited a new member, It was his first organized op, as the MIDLAND organizer, we let Cov know we was here, he chased the reds out of Cov, and met up with a couple of Cov bnh boys.

Yet again the BFF go were ever they like, and we back down from know one, yet again our rep has got the reds running..

BFF street action all the way.

Friday, 13 February 2009



The group I originally started.

Now I'm not gonna start slating of my old org, but it has come to my attention that apparently I am being slated on there, I wasn't aware it was still going to be honest.

Ok there is a unsavory character there called Sweany that has put police informer at the side of my name, also referred to me as a traitor?

Ok How am I a traitor?

2, How am I a police informer?

These questions backed up wit proof need answering, so stop this bollox, it's getting none productive, take this shit down, or put up your proof.

It really is boring when certain individuals like to settle old scores through the net.
The ASF was only actually active through me, because it was only me and a few of my lot that did anything,

Sweany thought of the name, and made up the forum, wow the reds must be shaking in there boots, lol, mean while until he takes that lying post c down I will put up my evidence of Sweany being a undesirable. With screen shots

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

More BPP suspicions

Well well well, so Tony has never been sent down for the cause?, mmmm I wonder what this is all about then, also if Tony has always been a wrong un, then why in may 2003, did Kev go out on a protest in support of Tony, mmm a picture says a thousand words, and this says Kev tells lies.


we decided to go to a OI gig, in Manchester, when we got to the venue, there was shitty grungy punks fucking every were, we went in and every were it was just mainly punks.

We went to another part of the pub and chilled, as we was walking up the stairs, a punk drummer recognized me and glared, I paid the compliment back, and stopped and glared back, he nodded and walked off, we was back to normality, after a while we decided to go back to the gig, fuck me, there was a atmosphere, as we was walking down the stairs, 2 punks passed us, the female was glaring at chubs ANGLO SAXON T SHIRT. The punk got 6 stairs up and shouted NAZI BASTARD! To which I replied in my usual talent, FUCK OFF!

When we sat down, there was about 20 punks with anti Nazi signs, and about 10 sharps, and all the pub was glaring at us, a big lad walked up to our youth and started talking to him, I was watching and walked up close but it was nothing, then 5 mins later the Sharp approached CHUBS, he looked like he was getting a bit louder complaining about Chubs T shirt, I intervened, then we had words, all his mates was watching me, he was even bigger than me, big cunt.

All he wanted to do was talk though and said he didn't want trouble, then I nearly fainted when he said he was only 16, JESUS CHRIST.

We seemed to be left alone, then end of the night we left, we was watched every move we made to the exit, and there was a gang outside eyeing us up, OH SHIT were dead I whispered lol.

They just turned away, after a problem getting out the car park, Chubs went to pay for her ticket, and there was 12 punks, from 16-40 that recognized Chubs from the gig, 2 blokes stood up, and a few said NOO LEAVE it, our Chubs didn't back down and walked straight through the lot of them.

Chubs is a fucking trooper, she has more guts than a lot of men, she was on her own vulnerable, and still stood up to the scum, who was drunk and smoking weed.

All I can say, is we went into the lefty pub, full of antifa, commies,sharps, reds, and just plain lefties, we went into there own patch, and we only left at the end, out numbered, and bigger men, this is more proof I try to lead by example.

Once again the BFF take it to the streets, and once again we back down from no one.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Back up forum

We seem to be having problems with our back up forum, so we will be using this till its back up and running, comrades.


From Chubs, and BNH STU


Seems like our forum in the north west is down, mmmm very strange in deed.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Oh and speaking of cowards, Res didn't you shit out from JEN? LOL, Cos you said it wasn't fair you and I having a fight?

DAVE, our Chubs will meet you mate.

It is obviously all a game to you Res, and yet again you have failed,


Well it looks like the viscious lies and unbelievable lies from Res has resurfaced.

1, You threatened Dave.


2, DAVE says, there was 10 of them.


3, Mike is a coward who picks on the weak and small.


4, Mike was terrified after one phone call from a man same size as him,



I actually found the person I spoke to very intelligent, and it seems there has been a lot of shit stirring from the fanypack to get us to fight, as there craving for my blood.

Res you can mouth off on the net all day about me you coward, you say you are the most active biggest NS org in England, MORE LIES, it truly beggers belief, you are not a active org, you haven't done anything, lol, hahahaha, and your not the biggest, because bnh is the biggest in the world, oh and who is with them Res.