Monday, 30 March 2009

Kate the state?

I don't know how much of this is true, but I copied this from a forum, weather its Kate or a wind up who knows ?

But tell me what you think??

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Default Valkyrie - From the secret blog of Kate The State
29th March 2009

The other weekend I had to miss what would have been an absolutely corking BPP meeting in London because of ZOG. I was detained for 12 whole hours, without so much as a Kentucky Bargain Bucket passing my lips! I haven't been so hungry since the last time my jaws were wired shut. ZOG have really turned vicious. They even searched our homes, and there hasn't even been a BPP terrorist arrested this month. I told them "If you want Racial Holy War, I'll give you Racial Holy War!" But they weren't prepared to provide security. Kev says he has a mate who knows a couple of unemployed bouncers over Bradford way, so I might ask them instead.

Kev was so tired after our terrible ordeal at the hands of ZOG I had to carry him into the house. He is a true White Nationalist like myself. He stood proud and tall, well he was standing on a box and had been at his 'sticky friend', as he calls his glue-bag.

I shall be writing to every MP in the country about the appalling nightmare we were subjected to. I will organise petitions and demos. Every White Nationalist tempered in the furnace of ZOG oppression will harken to my cause, those who clamped Frank Walsh's shopping trolley will pay dearly for their crimes.

Sitting in the cells I felt an instinctive bond between myself and Rudolf Hess, a prisoner like myself, suffering in silence (apart from the odd belly rumble of course.) Proud and true like the fallen stormtroopers at Stalingrad, like the bold footsoldiers at Agincourt. I have been tested, but will never surrender. There will come a time when I, Kate State will assume power, when the many who have mocked and jeered will pay for their crimes, the BPP will march to victory with me as their leader (Oops! Sorry Kev, got a bit carried away there mein fuhrer.)

Well, I must get off, as an eminent White Nationalist, with my many roles within the BPP, not least running an entire Women's Division, I have some important telephone calls to make, and Dial-A-Pizza shut at midnight.


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Default My Struggle - from the secret diary of Little Kev
My boyfriend, Little Kev, has asked me to post this up:

30th March 2009

The day dawns late in the W------- household. Not that I'm a lazy, useless bastard as some say, but Kate does tend to obscure the light. Then I have to queue for the bathroom while she shaves. Breakfast is taken at a leisurely pace though, all 5 servings. After that I need something to cut through all the grease and fat (I'm talking about my fry-up not Kate) and what better than a nice jar of Evo-Stik?

I haven't worked in decades, I mean who'd have me? Still there's always plenty of work to do for The Cause. I have my fingers in a lot of pies, not quite as many as Kate, but I get my share. Today I'm updating 'Redwatch', so I just do an image searrch on Google. Type in 'Red Bastards' or somesuch, you're sure to get something for the site.

Unlike a lot of neo-Nazis, I don't spend my day posting on the internet, the mods at 'Stormfront' have seen to that, not to mention that useless sod Simon Shepperd forgetting to pay the bill for my C18 forum. That's Combat 18 by the way. I'm their leader. You'll have heard all about us thanks to 'Searchlight' I'm sure.

Kate says she's off on one of her famous shopping trips as she puts it. It's amazing how she can find a Socialist Worker paper-seller, 3 Pakistanis, and a single-mother to abuse, all without leaving the couch. She really ought to get out more. We have to be careful though, with all those people after us, that and the fact the doors need widening. Better to just make stuff up on your blog I tell her.

Nearly dinner-time, so I'm off down to Mozza's for a jar of curry paste. Should be back in time for 'Ready, Steady, Cook' hopefully, you never know who'll be on...
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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Lady Lesley cleared of trespass in squatter protest

Sep 23 2008 WalesOnline

A woman who claimed squatters rights in the home of a former police chief in a desperate bid to highlight a dispute with a tenant was cleared today of trespass.

Lady Lesley Cooper, 48, of Bancfosfelen, near Carmarthen, west Wales, toured the for-sale bungalow as a prospective buyer as a way of gaining entry.

The property, in the nearby village of Meinciau, was put on the market by Terrence Grange, former chief Constable of Dyfed Powys Police, last autumn.

Mr Grange, 59, retired with immediate effect last November amid claims, later proved, he had misused police computers and paid for private meals with his force credit card.

Lady Cooper toured the vacant bungalow back in April, then blocked up the front door when the estate agent stepped outside.

Carrying drink and sandwiches to last three days she told him through the letter box she was claiming squatters’ rights and to call the police.

A two day trial at Carmarthen Magistrates’ Court heard that with her at the time was daughter Kyra, 26, and her daughter’s 11-day-old baby.

Dyfed Powys police officers were called to the home of their former boss after the estate agent failed to regain entry, injuring his arm in the process.

After a two hour stand-off an armed police response unit smashed down the rear patio doors, despite the fact senior officers had a full set of keys for the home.

Lady Cooper and her daughter were charged with trespass and criminal damage to an internal wall at the property.

Kyra Cooper was also charged with assault on the estate agent, whose arm was injured in the front door as he tried to get back inside.

Magistrates cleared both mother and daughter of all charges today at the end of the two day trial.

They concluded that Lady Cooper’s decision to book an appointment to see the house in the name of her sister indicated she had never intended to buy it.

But they also acknowledged that when asked to leave by police the officers had not been acting with the direct authority of Mr Grange.

They also accepted that Ms Cooper had not known what her mother intended to do when she entered the property.

During the trial Mr Grange gave evidence and was later questioned by Lady Cooper, who represented herself, and accused of being a freemason, which he denied.

Lady Cooper told the court she had been forced to take desperate action to highlight a long-running dispute she had with a tenant at her farm.

She claimed she had repeatedly reported what she regarded as race hate incidents to the police but that Mr Grange saw them as civil court matters.

A tearful Lady Cooper, speaking after the verdict today, accused the police of trying to discredit her.

“I was forced into taking the action I did because that was the only way the truth could come out,” Lady Cooper said.

“I feel as though they have deliberately set out to assassinate my character.

“I feel only relief now that people are listening to me at last and that the truth has come out.”

She added: “If I had it all to do again I would take more sandwiches.”

Beware of Librarians

It seems that if you go to your local library and ask for a book that's not what would be considered normal or offensive, its recorded and noted, and your info is passed on to higher sources?

Bigger brother is definitely watching you..


When we went to Scotland there was a lil place we went to called CELTIC football ground, its full of Fenian scum, of course we have been told we wouldn't dare go anywere near it, as the Gallowgate lot would kill us,

We go any dam place we want to, simple as..

I wouldn't go out my way to go to a rat infested shit hole like Gallowgate, Oldham, Brixton, but I would go there if the need took me..



Does unity really work, or is it a pipe dream.

I personally believe there is to many dickheads in our society for this to happen, the pettiness is obvious to everyone, the fall outs is laughable, in fact I could write a few down that would make a best seller.
I personally believe that Unity doesn't work, the BFF for example like there own independence, all though we work with other groups, and there is unity with a couple,they have to be our way of thinking or it just won't work.


You have to trust the people your with or it just wont work, thats obvious, some dispicable individuals have proven this


wHAT IS A ORG WITH OUT HONOUR, there has been loads of cowardly actions by certain groups and orgs that have proven there anything but honorable


Is it me or is this a thing of the past, us the reds, there just seems to be no loyalty any more, thats why except for a few people that have proven themselves, I trust the BFF, i HAVE THERE loyalty, and they defo have mine..


Elderly couple worry over racism

Couple's fear over garbage is 'racist'

Couple's fear over garbage is 'racist'

AN elderly couple who expressed concern about mess left behind by travellers’ groups have been branded racist.

Pensioners Rita and Norman Brookhouse had been asked their opinion about plans to create a local site for gipsies in an official survey.

They filled it out, suggesting residents of the site should be charged for rubbish collection.

The stunned pair then got a letter back saying their views would not be counted because they were “offensive” and “discriminatory”.

Mr Brookhouse, 73, of Havant, Hants, yesterday branded the move “utterly ridiculous”.

He added: “They asked us for our views but they did not like them.


“This is supposed to be a democracy — we are all supposed to have a say in what happens.”

The couple’s offending submission read: “Reasonable charges must be made for use of sites so that local people know the travellers are contributing to the community finances.

“At present travellers give nothing to the community where they stay, indeed they create expense (rubbish clearance, etc, after they have departed).”

Moira Gibson, of the South East England Regional Assembly planning committee which sent out the survey, backed the decision.

She said that under the Race Relations Act they had to turn down submissions “reasonably considered to be of a discriminatory nature”.

More than ten per cent of the 1,129 responses the committee received were returned.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Res leaves the Wolfpack

Well it has come to our attention that Res has decided it best to leave the wolfpack, for what ever reasons, we wish him luck.

Vid of cowardly Pakis ...

The reds will probably blame the white for provoking them or sum excuse, they always do.

Monday, 23 March 2009

C.P.S Taken to court

Crown prosecution service is getting a taste of there own medicine, crown prosecution service, are to be challenged, dudicional review, for knowingly perverting the courts of justice, and blackmail.To a Dean Moreland



Picts from Kris Donald, hope you enjoy..

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Kriss Donald, Scotland meet

Well what a fantastic day for unity and true respect, first off let me say a big thank you to.

Scotland 1st

We arrived in Glasgow about 10am, met up with everyone else of the above, went to the place were poor Kris died, we paid our respects, and had a 1 min silence, Ste gave a fantastic speech, later moving on to our little social, well what a real show of unity from some great groups and orgs.

Later on went for a drink met some great lads. Everyone got on well, and was made most welcome, we saw some great sites, and paid our respect to were young Kris was kidnapped, saw some old faces and met some knew ones and will be going again.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Congratulations BFF SOUTH

Just like to take this opportunity in thanking the BFF southern division for a lil op they performed today, once again a lot of courage was shown against all odds, .


Well done WP DAVE

The British People's Party Lancashire Organiser and National Commissioner Dave has commenced work on a BPP Lancs blog. It is still at its inception but will soon be fit to burst with information relating specifically to Lancashire nationalism. Dave is an excellent speaker and writer so please do take the time to have a look in the next couple of weeks when it is up and running:

jUST LIKE to add its up and running now, and a big congratulations on Davids hard work on his promotion in the BPP.

Sunday, 15 March 2009


Well it looks like the scum actually got some blacks to do there dirty work for them, hahaha,

The song ha ha ha Antifa springs to mind, I wonder why they haven't attacked me, or is it because I will fight back, mmmm.

I will tick funny on emoticons because reds that is what you are,

I'm waiting for ya shit heads..

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Well well well, it looks like the reds are abusing there bragging rights, they surrounded a van in Leigh, 30 of them, some armed with hammers, then attacked a 48 yr old man, and put him in hospital. They thought it was deserved because he was BNP.

So lets get this right.

30 people armed with hammers.
Surround a van.
And attack a 48 year old man.
And they call that a victory?

I call that cowardly.

Also part of these same people went to the RWB, they waited till the police came then pathetically tried to run towards the RWB, knowing that they had no chance of getting there. Obviously with the odds not in there favour they shit themselves.

You fucking cowardly bunch of misfits.

Midland BFF do it again

I helped the local bnp leaflet cannock town center this morning,we must have got through about 1000 leaflets with a very good reception,indeed 3 lots of lads came up to us for leaflets to take around the local pubs lol,four people wanted to join in 2 hours.
But all did not go well,we were handing leaflets in the "in shops "covered walkway when a black security officer came up to us to ask us to leave lol,we explained that we were exercising our democratic rights, his 2 paki sidekicks hid round a corner keeping out of sight lol.So being in a democratic mood i walked up to them and offered them a leaflet,but for some reason they didnt want one!!!well they ended up calling the head of security to talk to us who said we needed written permission,so being the friendly type we moved the 6 foot to public right of way and carryed on much to the annoyance of the security monkeys.A very good day.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Blair is taken to court

Mr MOORLAND WAS NOT VERY HAPPY with lies from Bush and Blair taking our countries into a illegal war, they did not have public support and Mr Moorland believed the USA alone have fired some 90 tonnes of nuclear waste depleted uranium Britain have fired aprox 55 tonnes or nuclear waste into Iraq, which has been given free by nuclear power stations etc.

The cancer rates and birth defects have greatly increased the Brits side over the water the world society report have only done tests upon soil and clay not sand therefore the water supply and environmental infer structure have damaged beyond belief .

Priest got 14yrs for Pedophillia

A roman catholic priest has drugged and raped 140 children whilst in care of the crown law.Aprox age was up to 14yr old, 7 years later they have received no compensation, yet solicitors so far have been paid 2.6million pounds of the tax payers money.

This happened at St Williams care home, just outside York,MARKET WERGHTON, the priest in charge was called Brother James who belongs to the Dalasalle order. This was also connected to the Middlesborough Diocese, who was also working in a government think tank with children.

Before this Brother James also received a high reward from the pope him self for his work with children. For his pedophilia crime Brother James received 14years sentence.

That's about 1 months per child, anybody else would never get out, and receive literally a life sentence.

The internet Turd

It seems that there is certain people that cruise blogs and forums just to be a pain in the arse, and try and cause trouble, of course this is nothing new, but the best thing about this is there suppose to be Nationalist, I like to refer to them as the net turd, I noticed that some of these people instead of giving us support likes to try and put us down, especially for our ops.

So why would they do this?

1, Cowardice
2, Jealousy
3, The whole life evolves around the net

Welcome to the world of the net turd

Hess and Churchill

We are all supposed these days to have outgrown the ‘kings-and-queens’ type of history lesson. One doesn't have to be a self-styled historian to recognise that the forces which actually shape our world have little to do with the personal foibles, ambitions and family squabbles of ephemeral monarchs. History is a chronicle of competing power groups, sometimes defined by ideology, sometimes not, each seeking to enlarge its sphere of influence and territory by any means available. And there will always be certain individuals more than willing to serve an ideological cause not really as a matter of principle but in furtherance of their own ambition. The growing cynicism of the electorate is fuelled by revelations of the crude egotism and greed of politicians fond of cloaking themselves in high-sounding altruistic rhetoric.

Modern history affords no better example of ruthless self-aggrandisement posing as national leadership than the career of the late Winston Churchill. For over fifty years the public has been fed highly misleading and absurdly over-simplified versions of the ‘Churchill Story’; and the most recent example was The Gathering Storm television docudrama about Churchill's life and activities in the years leading up to the 1939-45 conflict with Germany. This got the usual ‘great-man-finally-recognised-as-such’ treatment, portraying Churchill as a great national leader kept in the political wilderness by lesser beings until the outbreak of hostilities.

Whatever the Second World War meant to anybody else (and this writer recalls finding his mother in tears in the kitchen after the news broke), it was splendid news for a man desperately anxious to prove himself a worthy descendant of the illustrious Duke of Marlborough. This ambition was reinforced by his need to redeem himself after his personal endorsement of the disastrous Gallipoli campaign in World War I, which gave political rivals every reason to distance themselves from his military adventuring.
Intriguing for office

In the years languishing at his grandiose country home he had whiled away the time in journalism, writing about his ancestors, painting in water-colours and intriguing with influential people to support his return to office.

No one seriously denies the need at that time for British preparedness in the face of German rearmament and expansionist policies; but Churchill was far from being alone in recognising this. From 1940, however, he was happily flexing his histrionic muscles as Prime Minister and ‘war leader’ for all the world to see, regardless of the disaster of Dunkirk and the dire state of the country. This was surely a time for sober appraisal of the European situation and how best to safeguard this country's longer-term interests without being bogged down in a mutually catastrophic war with Germany. In short, this was a time for real statesmanship.

And then, in May 1941, came the dramatic arrival of Rudolf Hess by parachute, bearing German proposals for an honourable and peaceful resolution of the conflict. These gave Britain an opportunity to end the war without diminishing her independence, power and influence in the world and allowing Germany to concentrate on the looming Soviet menace. But this presented Churchill himself with the horrifying prospect of peacetime mediocrity.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the luckless Hess was hastily bundled into permanent solitary confinement as a ‘war criminal’, leaving Churchill free to crank up the war machine for another four disastrous years. He needed to win a war, to be seen as a ‘warlord’, and that governed everything he said and did then and afterwards. All the sonorous and well rehearsed speech-making, the V-sign and the cigar-brandishing appearances were designed to keep the public in thrall to this consummate performer while the country's longer-term interests were being pawned for short-term American favours. The so-called ‘Hess incident’ justifiably looms over any assessment of Churchill's true place in Britain's history; and, such as it was, Churchill's stature as a national leader could only grow in Hitler's shadow. Still, while Hess was left to rot in Spandau prison for over 45 years, Churchill puffed big cigars and wrote his version of how, with a certain amount of help from the Americans and Russians, he had saved the world.

But the long-suffering British public had rumbled him by 1945, as the first post-war election demonstrated. The incalculable damage inflicted on this country by such self-aggrandisement is a fact not to be obscured by his ‘British Bulldog’ characterisation in the mass media. ‘American lapdog’ is how less sycophantic historians see him now.
Sulking in the wilderness

And his personal rancour towards Adolf Hitler was understandable enough: here was an ex-corporal from nowhere (albeit with two Iron Crosses) who had by sheer force of will raised Germany from ignominious defeat to European dominance while he - Marlborough's heir, no less - was just a part-time journalist still sulking in the political wilderness. Couple this personal rancour with indebtedness to Jewish financiers for support and with his overweening ambition, and what emerges is a monument to human vanity rather than a national hero. The tragedy is that so much was endured by so many so that publishers and TV programmers could perpetuate this insufferable mythology.

So we may have left the ‘kings-and-queens’ version of history behind, but it is high time we left the Churchill version behind as well. Churchill's egotism and theatrical brand of ‘patriotism’ were in no real sense decisive factors in our nation's history, except negatively. He never could distinguish a battle from a war, and he surrendered this nation's future for his vainglorious present. Astute and ruthless politician he was, yes; talented writer and speech-maker he was too; but national leader he never was, and his vision of Britain's future never extended much further than the smoke of his ever-present cigar. All things considered, therefore, the most appropriate salute to the Churchill myth is the one he was constantly seen giving, but the other way round.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


The locals of Luton has had enough of the Muslims taking the piss, but nothing more so than when they came out to welcome home our boys from Iraq, angry locals, wasn't happy at Muds protesting against our troops. Check the vid

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

MUDS cheeky Muds

Well so our boys go to Iraq, there now coming home, they come home and have a proud march for fighting for our country, and what do they get, cheers, flowers, congratulations? No in there own country what they do get is Muslims, dirty Muslims protesting against them.

Now whats done about this? Nothing, absolutely nothing.



These troops are for Britain, not blacks, whites, or Asians, BRITAIN, and the scum don't like it.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Also I would like to add, that the IRA are suppose to be Nationalists in there own country, and the retarded reds back them all the way, but hate the Nationalists in there own country, 3 letters spring to mind.. WTF


Well it looks like the IRA is stepping it up again, so what happened to there peace deals? Was all this a ZOG set up?

Not only have they claimed a victory for cowardly attacking a group of soldiers killing 2, it now looks like the cowards have killed a policeman.

Now this is the stupidity behind these morons, and the people that support them.

The IRA hate the English, but don't hate ethnics?
Antifa support the IRA.

BOTH HATE OUR BELIEFS because were racist, well what does that make the IRA/ANTIFA?

THERE SO CONTENT ON PROVING THERE NOT RACIST, and hating racism when that's exactly what there doing to there own people.

There more racist than any Nationalist.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Well done Midlands

Midland BFF had fun with the reds last night, they have been ranted at by this gobby red, so our lads decided t go to one of there pubs, a intelligent discussion about difference of politics ensured, the reds called for back up but our boys still wasn't having none of it, the pub landlord intervened and the lads went out for 5 mins for a quick fag, but when they returned to step it up, the landlord had sneaked the reds out the backdoor, they scurried off like the rats they are.

Well done Midlands BFF.