Monday, 29 June 2009


Hi guys glad you could make my forum, I must say I am really impressed with your recent ramblings and the age ole boring things again like WM is working for searchlight, lol, or I am a grass, If I was I would sue you for slander.

Ok first off the first video you have isn't even me lol,
2nd off now this is important, WERE NOT BNP, everyone knows that except it seems for you lot, you really are up to date aint ya, I have some good advice, if you use tooth paste, and a plastic thing with brushes on, its called a toothbrush, and it may wash the shit out of your mouth what you keep talking, but then again it probally wont.

Anyone fancy a laugh check this out and see how many faults you can find with these retards, obviously got nothing better to do with there time. Mind you I see they have the help of the BPP with working with them so that says it all, well the BPP3 that is.

Friday, 26 June 2009


Well comrades, I really do believe that that more and more people are starting to distrust the reds, I also believe that the reds are starting to use infiltraitors again, Yawn. But also I see unity is on the horizon, and about time to that serious people are starting to want to work together..


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

FAO Eddie Stampton

Eddie grow up yourself I have just seen you post on your shity blog I tried answering it but it wouldn't let me.

Ok yes people did think I was a wrong one, Kate/Kev simply because of LEEDS then the traiterous way they behaved against me.

And certain people out the WOLFPACK.

2nd all the people you have come into contact with you have tried persuading that I am a wrong un, save your bollox for NWN mate as action speaks louder than any of your words, yourS and the above SPEAK FUCK ALL,

You act all big and tough on the net with your false threats, saying you will meet with anyone at a bnh gig to sort out your problems, well dont you know you get banned for that at bnh? Or is that your plan, and if you remember we did have words at bnh, you shook my hand and said you dont want trouble as we should all be working together, then you do 2 threads slating me off on your blog?

And on NWN you and Kate, Kev are still slating me off, well I dont care about your words you worm, I don't have a problem with you, but you sure as hell seem to have a problem with me, keep this shit off the net, tex, ring or we can meet up at the next bnh gig, upto you mate.

We have enough problems with the reds, and you have to give them cheap frills by being the net hardman.

10 reasons Why I hate the reds

1, We have people who are homeless in Britian, yet the reds fight for the ethnics to be housed.

2, We have starving people in Britian, yet the reds fight for starving ethnics,

3, Our country is geting over populated by the day, yet the reds fight for them to stay in Englanmd, and to bring them in.

4, As more ethnics from 3rd world countries come into our country, the crime level escalates, yet the reds say were all the same.

5, 6MILLION jEWS died ), we all reminded of that, yet nothing is mentioned by the reds when Stalin the Jew caused absolute genocide, nearly destryoed the Ukrain a whole country and is believed to have killed nearly 60 million people in his life time. No reds complain against thta, some evenm supporting Stalin.

6, Ethnics DO HAVE preferential treatment over native brits, even native Asians and blacks have noticed this, yet the reds deny it, and still fight for there rights.

7, Despite all the above, the reds say we are all the same.

8, The most dangerous places to live in the UK now is ethnic populated, yet the reds seem to turn a blind eye to this.

9, The reds all scream about racism and poor old Athony Walker, and Stephen Lawrence, both terrible murders, but not as terrible as Kriss Donald, the reds come out in there hundreds to support the black victims, but not one red came out to support any white victims of ethnic murders, when all the groups came out to support Kriss Donald, the reds said nothing in support of him.

10, The reds scream Nazi's are scum, yet Rudolf Hess came to Britian on a peace mission, Winston Churchill, the Jew, broke international law and had him arrested and roughed up, despite locals saying he was kind and friendly also with a broken ankle on his landing, it was felt he needed to be roughed up, and bundled into a vanm, he never killed anyone, he was on a peace mission, he spent 47years in captivity, most in Isolation, bragging he was mad, the Russian president Gorbachov wanted his release, everyone did but the British government refused, it was said he was gonna expose the traiterous acts of what he suffered, the goverment, had him killed, and tried saying it was suicide.

Nelson Mandella was a terrorist, responsable for slaughtering hundreds of whites, as well as blacks that crossed him, but mainly Whites, seen as a hero, spent 27years in captivity, with other prisoners, treated like a hero in prison, released and made a hero by the reds, so much so that there is a statue dedicated to him, were thousands go every year, even made president, despite forgetting the original reason why he was there in the first place.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


My God so life like, what a tattoo

Father convicted of assault

after suffering years of abuse from youths who threatened to rape his daughter, 7

A father who stood up to youths after a two-year campaign of abuse has been convicted of assault after reaching the 'end of his tether'.

David Magson told a court he was forced to endure months of abuse and vandalism from a gang - including a threat to rape his seven-year-old daughter.
The father-of-two marched outside his Leicester home with a rounders bat to have it out with youths who had 'tormented' him and his neighbours for years.
But he found himself in the dock on an assault charge after striking one of them with the bat and pushing him over.

The bus driver was handed an 18-month community order at Leicester Crown Court and told to attend an anger management course after he admitted causing actual bodily harm and being in possession of an offensive weapon.

Today he said youths from a local hostel had been responsible for the trouble - but the authorities had failed to deal with them.

He and his neighbours had repeatedly complained to the police, the hostel and the city council about their behaviour, but nothing was done, he said.
Mr Magson said: 'Personally I think it's wrong that people can run amok and do what they want and terrorise people. It's about time the police were given the authority to deal with these people.
'Due to drugs and alcohol, they are not thought to be responsible for their actions.

'People such as me and you, if we go out and confront them, because we are sensible, decent and hard-working people we have to take responsibility for our actions.'
He added: 'I've had eggs thrown at my windows. On the night in question it was the third time my car had been vandalised. They've tried to mug me twice.

'One day I got a smack in the face on my way to work. On another occasion, when I went to complain, I was urinated on from an upstairs window.'

The 39-year-old said he had suffered threats, verbal abuse and had items, including excrement, thrown at his flat.
On March 21, as he was watching television at home with his young children James,11, and Katie, seven, a neighbour rang to tell him his car was being vandalised.
Mr Magson went outside, armed with the bat, to complain to hostel staff.
He was confronted and goaded by a number of youths and Mr Magson struck out. His victim suffered a minor head injury when he was pushed.

Police officers arrived and the resident told them he was a member of a community group who were fed up with the incessant problems. But he was arrested and later charged.
Sentencing him, Judge Ian Collis said: 'I'm sure you were at the end of your tether. I accept you were under extreme provocation.'
Mr Magson said the situation in his street has improved since his brush with the law.

Police patrols have been stepped up and a change of management has seen the behaviour of the hostel's residents improve, he said.

But he added: 'It's a pity it involved me being prosecuted, before anything was done about the problem.'
Mr Magson could soon find himself in court again, however, as a victim of violent crime.
Five days after his arrest, he was left nearly blind in one eye when he was attacked with a pint glass in Leicester city centre.

His defence lawyer Rebecca Herbert, told the court: 'He cannot say the youths who glassed him had anything to do with the hostel, but he has his suspicions.'

Monday, 22 June 2009

The truth about net warriors

I notice that certain people from the BPP/NWN and stormfront have been very critical of the BFF of late, especially after our Sat meet in Blackpool. They feel the need to critisise when were successful, or arrested, Kate even said that why wasn't my house raided? For giving a stiff arm salute?
3 of us was dressed in black, so that means were really MI5?
She's either stupid, inexperienced or state, red?

Yes comrades, we go as skins we look like twats, we go undercvover or casual, then were wiggers n chavs, we do nothing n were net warriors, we do something and were state, we give advice and were know it all, we sit back and were cowards.

Well I never started the BFF to please people, I started the BFF to get street active and start fighting back, for our race and nation, and thats what I intend to do, so fuck the jealous net warriors.

BFF doubters

Well were was you all, you all slated my good name on Stormfront, And the BFF, YOU ALL HAD A LOT TO SAY BUT NOT TO MY FACE.

There really is no pleasing some people, no matter how hard we try, we always get the net warriors trying to knock us back.

You say were bad for Nationalism, but so is certain peoples constant slagging on the net, WE ARE NOT BNP, we are as we always said we are, street active org, and we always will be, regardless if certain people don't like it.

So get your head out your arses and do what you gotta do as we will do what we have to..

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Brave ANTIFA and UAF

Here we can clearly see over 50 warriors from the above mentioned, standing there doing fuck all knowing some of the BFF is there hahahahaha lol idiots, I also believe that we have had some threats off some of the unwashed from a idiots bravely on the net, lol mate were not hard to find sooooooo ......

Anyone wishing to contact the BFF leave a comment on here and we will get back to ya..

aS YOU CAN SEE ME AT THE BACK, Ilook really scared on my own, like what the lying scum say I am , well if thats my scared face, you really dont wanna look at my mad face then lol, idiots, and cowards

Saturday, 20 June 2009

BFF 4 arrested

Well comrades it really beggers belief, today we went to Blackpool to support the BNP, we was refused entry by the police to the Hotel, 4TIMES!!!!

We decided to just watch near were the unwashed was, 2 men approached us and called us Nazi scum, we responded back to them, then we was approached by a female shoving a card in our faces, saying I DIDN'T VOTE. I asked her what she meant, she wouldn't answer our question, the police asked us to move on, so we did then a crowd ran at us screaming NAZI SCUM, so we retaliated back and gave them a salute.

We then got arrested, but a ginger hair red tried to run at me, I stopped so he changed his mind, we was arrested and detained for over 11 hours, we was arrested for inciting racial hatred? But the salutes was at whites? RED SCUM, who actually started it in the first place, so nearly 50 of them, and 4 of us, we defend ourselves from the reds cowardly attacks, and were arrested, unbelievable.

A special big thanks to SKINHERITAGE, for going out of his way, and waiting hours to pick us all up, and backing up our youth all the way, he got me home safe, THANKS MATE.

Also Thanks a lot Chubs, you waited and helped me out loads, also looked after me when we got home, thanks hun x

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ireland fights back

Looks like our friends from a cross the waters are fighting back ...

There is no evidence to suggest a series of attacks on Romanian families in south Belfast was orchestrated, police have said.
PSNI Chief Inspector Robert Murdie was speaking after youths attacked an anti-racist demonstration on Monday.
Residents were protesting on the Lisburn Road over a spate of attacks on immigrant families living in the area.
A group of youths leaving a bar were heckled by demonstrators and retaliated with bottles and Nazi salutes.
No-one was injured in the incident.
Police were called to the scene, but the crowds dispersed peacefully and the area now appears to be quiet.
Police have said they are investigating racist incidents and criminal damage in the area over the last four days.
Chief Inspector Murdie said the number of patrols had been increased.
"It is very difficult to try to be in an area 24 hours a day to try to stop these attacks happening," he said.
"The local community are probably aware of who these individuals are."
He appealed to local people to give police names and identify those carrying out the attacks.
Protest organiser Paddy Meehan said there had been continual attacks from Wednesday.
"People are absolutely livid about what has been happening here and it has to stop," he said.
"This protest has sent a clear message that people do not want this going on in their area and that this has to stop right now."
Demonstrators had shouted "Nazis off our streets" as the youths passed and the youths gave Nazi salutes.

A gang smashed windows at this house in south Belfast
The Alliance Party's Anna Lo said that the trouble at the rally was a "disgrace" but that those throwing bottles were "a small minority".
"We are all here to show support for the migrant workers who have been attacked and have been hounded out from one street to another street," she said.
Earlier, two houses inhabited by a Romanian family were targeted in a racist attack.
A gang smashed windows and terrorised pregnant women and children in attacks on houses on Belgravia and Wellesley avenues.
It was claimed that the people who attacked the house were shouting Combat 18 slogans and a letter containing text from Hitler's Mein Kampf was pushed through the letterbox of one of the properties.
A number of migrant families subsequently decided to leave their homes.

Racist gang attack family's home

A gang smashed windows at this house in south Belfast
A Romanian family has been targeted in a series of racist attacks in south Belfast.
A gang smashed windows and terrorised pregnant women and children in attacks on two houses on Belgravia and Wellesley avenues.
Police have said they are investigating racist incidents and criminal damage in both areas over the last four days.
A spokeswoman said a crowd gathered a number of times and windows were broken.
There are no reports of injuries and no arrests have been made.
SDLP councillor Niall Kelly said it was a "sickening" incident.
"It is becoming more and more apparent that these attacks are more than just isolated incidents, but are part of an orchestrated attempt to force people from the area," he said.
Alliance assembly member Anna Lo said they were contemptible "acts of intimidation and hate".
"These thugs need to realise that it is people who carry out racist hate crimes who are not welcome in our society," she said.
"People who can help police catch the perpetrators of these attacks must contact them immediately."
People living in the area are organising a protest against the attacks on the Lisburn Road on Monday evening.
One neighbour told BBC News that the attacks have been ongoing for several nights.
"There are children and pregnant women living in these houses," he said.
"My partner is Indian and we've also been targeted - our house has been bricked.
"The police were here 40 minutes last night before they spoke to the people who were actually attacked and they were only with them for five minutes.
"More needs to be done. The whole thing has been been ignored to date."
The man said anybody he had spoken to locally had been "appalled by what's been going on".
"There are also a lot of people, who aren't white, who are understandably frightened," he added.
Combat 18
It has been claimed that up to 20 people gathered outside the properties which were attacked.
It is also alleged that those involved shouted Combat 18 slogans and a letter containing text from Hitler's Mein Kampf was pushed through the letterbox of one of the properties.
There have been racial tensions in the area since trouble erupted at a World Cup qualifier between Northern Ireland and Poland at Windsor Park in March.
A number of migrant families subsequently decided to leave their homes.

Romanians flee homes after attack

Natasha Sayee
BBC News

A Romanian man helps to move belongings
A five-day-old girl is among 115 Romanian people being put up in a church hall overnight after fleeing their homes in south Belfast.
They said they left their homes in the Lisburn Road area after suffering racist attacks for almost a week.
The church offered to help after about 20 families tried to take refuge in a house at Wellesley Avenue.
Church officers said the Romanians may stay as long as they need to and police are patrolling the area.
'Threatened verbally'
The families said they were tired and frightened but that the help of the church had shown them a positive side to the people of Belfast.
Jolena Flett, Racial Harassment Adviser for the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities, said they had been threatened verbally and then three properties were attacked on the same day.
"There has been an issue about the families feeling unsafe in the properties they were attacked in. What we are trying to do is provide them with alternative accommodation," she said.
Malcolm Morgan, pastor at the church, said they were happy to help.
"It's a sad indictment of our society, but hopefully we can show them a different side to Northern Ireland and a caring side of Northern Ireland," he said

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Lovely Africans

Remember folkes, the government wants these animals to live amongst us, and learn our culture, mix and race mix, I mean after all there all the same.

Man arrested for sex with uncle's goat

A man was arrested for bestiality after he was found having sex his neighbour's goat at a village in Limpopo on Sunday morning, police said.

Police Inspector Ntobeng Phala said the owner of the goat heard the animal crying from the kraal at Zist Village, Ga-Maleboho, about 200km northwest of Polokwane.

He went to see what was going on and "came across this man stark-naked, busy having sex with one of the goats".

Phala said the man was even more shocked to discover the naked man, 42, was his nephew and his neighbour.

The shocked uncle summoned the police who arrested the man.

He would appear in court soon.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Kate Dermondy FAO

Kate is looking for friends, I hope by putting this on our blog it will help her get some, this is for you Kate

Sick note2

If it wasn't the fact this is actually true, it would be 1 big joke..

African sick note

You just gotta laugh, thinking to much hahahahaha

Thursday, 11 June 2009

results for the fight for your race

So I see in the polls that 87 people would gladly fight for there race? Really? So were are they then? Why are these 87 people standing back and letting there country go to shit, I also assume there is a lot more as not every person or Nationalist comes on here.

WAKE UP PEOPLE, our country is being taken away from us, and while we stand back and watch, the powers of above get stronger and stronger.

African Taxis

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

news just in

Proof that the fascist UAF doesn't believe in free speach, what are the cowards frightened of?

Silly reds

You know it really looks quiet pathetic when the reds scream that Nationalists are cowards, they believe in democracy, they want equal rights, but what do we see here.

100 OF EM CHASE 2 lads,
10 beat up 1 nationalist.
screaming and shouting,
Attack NG car.

All this beacuse and wait for it people, BNP won fairly and democratically, in the elections, pathetic, so what the cowardly reds mean, is they want equal rights, also democratically voting, as long as its going there way.

People are waking up to there lies, there was on ch4, a Jew, and a blackman screaming that Nick Griffin supports the holocaust, he wants to bring it back, maybe the person who said that should be on trial for slander, can some one please copy and paste in modern times were NG HAS SAID THAT, OR WERE IN THERE MANIFESTO does it say that, scare mongering can only work with a little proof.

Whiteman fights back

Whiteman fights back well outnumbered

Monday, 8 June 2009


The BFF would like to give there regards to the WOLFPACK2, it has apeared on the net that we are glad that Sweany/thorborn are arrested, we are not, We have said its there own fault that they have brought unwanted police attention to them, and that is true. There constant boasting of killing people on forums is just plain stupid, and supporting that kind of thing.

The BFF told them months ago to take it down, which they never, the police are watching forums and to think they dont is absurd, thats why the BFF distance themselves from such groups, we are not a illegall org, we are not terrorists, or Para militant like some people have suggested, we are just spreading the word of NS, legally which, last I heard is still legal.

The address in Burnopfield came to the attention of authorities as a result of internet activity - including bomb making websites - being traced there.

This is why I called them 2 stupid, like I said they got arrested for Ricin, but there bragging on the net is what they originally got arrested for.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

South Africa

his is terribly sad. Happened towards the end of last year and the poor fellow got about 3 life sentences.

"Come out, you bloody kaffirs. I want to kill you today, you black bastards." This, said public prosecutor advocate Sello Maema, is what Johann Nel, 19, shouted at various residents in the Skierlik informal settlement outside Swartruggens on January 14 2008 as they fled in all directions when he started shooting at them.
Forensic criminologist, Irma Labuschagne, testified that Nel could not handle his fear of the "swart gevaar".
His fear was born of the idea that "we will be attacked and murdered", Labuschagne said.
She said this fear of black people had changed into hatred of the "swart gevaar".
Labuschagne was testifying in mitigation of sentencing at the Mmabatho High Court.
On Monday Nel was found guilty on four charges of murder, 11 of attempted murder, and one each of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.
'He believes there is a war out there'
According to Labuschagne's pre-sentencing report Nel had developed a racist attitude.
"He believes there is a war going on out there and that the enemy can and must be controlled."
Maema put it to Labuschagne that Nel's actions were "inhuman". In addition, it was a racist attack, he said.
Enoch Matshelanoka, 10, was on his way to fetch water with a toy cart made from a cooldrink crate. When Nel shot him, he fell forward into the cart and died.
Elizabeth Moiphitlhi, a two-month-old baby and her mother, Annah, were shot at a distance of 40cm.
Some residents in the settlement were busy doing their laundry while others were pulling out weeds.
Labuschagne said they were "innocent people who could not defend themselves".
'Act was unadulterated evil'
"The act was unadulterated evil, but Johann is not an evil person," she said.
According to the pre-sentencing report Nel said he had been watching television on the day of the incident. Then he took his father's .303 rifle and drove in the direction of Swartruggens.
A bakkie cut in front of him, whereupon he stopped on the dirt next to the Skierlik informal settlement.
"That's when I got out and shot the first person I saw," the report said.
"I'm not sure what happened then, but I know I shot at some other people too.
"I don't know why it happened. I feel others are responsible for what happened.
"I'm not sure who the victims were... I don't know how I felt while I was doing it. I'm not sure who suffered because of what I did."
'Now i feel bad about it'
"I don't believe I should be punished, because I was not myself when it happened.
"Now I feel bad about it."
Maema said Nel stopped shooting because he ran out of ammunition.
According to the charge sheet Nel had fired at least 125 rounds.
When he ran out of ammunition, he went to farmers in the area and asked for more ammunition. They refused to help him.
The case continues.,,2-7-1442_2428695,00.html

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bradford Nationalist

Went round Bradford today to see if I could see one of my old NS mates, unfortunately there was no one at home, I hope to come back again to have a cup of tea with him, and his lovely girlfriend, see you soon brother,I hope, take care.

I loved Bradford, there was nice scenery