Monday, 10 August 2009

Kate Dermondy, a strange one?

This is not to insult Kate, or cause infighting, more of a observation, but on Kates blog she talks about the great new youth group ENR, this is what she puts.

A 'new' group to hit the nationalist scene is the English National Resitance - please take the time to have a look at their website as I think it is an excellent example of what activism is all about. These are great lads with a passion for campaigning for various important issues and they are demonstrative of precisely what our nationalist youth SHOULD be doing instead of dressing like idiots and embarassing the movement.

Now on NWN, she has openly laughed and insulted me, and some of the BFF in there dress manor, so I assume it was a attack on me/BFF, But that would also be a attack on bnh, C18, and also Loyalists, as well as all skinheads, and metal heads.
But.... I have seen some of ENR, and know a couple of them, now I could say that ENR dress like us, but then Kate would say I would be lying, sooo.....

This is ENR with a very clear message and a good message.

Looks like Kate has contradicted herself again.

Also I would just like to thanks Kate on her great choice of names on her pets like
Nazi Cat
Nazi Kitten
Nazi dog,
Nazi rabbit
And Nazi Newt

Well done Kate, you have led the way again in a great choice of names, I have heard she has a vibrator, called nazi vibrator, but untill I hear it from Kate her self I will have to put it down to mindless gossip.

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