Friday, 7 August 2009

Obama killing America

Here are some recent news stories about Obama. He isdestroying America from within, yet average American idiot thinks he´sjust wonderful! The Obama opiate: Crisis deepens, crowds cheer"Six months since taking the reins, the Barack Obama administrationhas met its primary objective. It has swiftly ramped up the murderousimperial agenda inherited from Bush-Cheney while the masses, pacifiedand deceived by the appeal of the Obama image, pay no attention torealities. No attention to the fact that the Obama administration’sglobal war strategy, which puts Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and LatinAmerica, and other regions into new military-intelligence crosshairs,promises the expansion of global instability, resource conquest, and"war on terrorism" ruin. No attention to the fact the Obamaadministration is loaded with elites who are as dangerous and corruptas those of the preceding administration." More at link: Obama team mulls new quarantine regulations "The Obama administration is quietly dusting off an effort to imposenew federal quarantine regulations, which were vigorously resisted bycivil liberties organizations and the airline industry when the ruleswere first proposed by the Bush administration nearly four years ago.But the previous administration proposed giving the federal governmentthe authority to order a “provisional quarantine” of three businessdays — or up to six calendar days — for those suspected of havingswine flu or other illnesses listed in a presidential executiveorder."More at link: Obama Wants Citizen Snitch Core Set Up"I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that the Obama White House is nowasking the public to snitch on their fellow citizens by sending anemail to White House staffers informing them of other Americans thatoppose Obamacare.An August 4 bog post on the White House website is clearly asking forAmericans to snitch on their neighbors."More at link: So, Obama is setting up a "Martial Law" plan to force peopleinto quarrantine when "they" release the next deady virus which "they"created, and in which "they" will profit from when the vaccine increated or the cure is sought. Who is "they"? The Zionist Jews andFreemasonic Satanists that run this sick world. Obama is setting upthe equivalent of the Soviet States of America with his "healthcareplan" which will force people into the Zionist-run medical systemwhich poisons and destroys more people than it helps. And, now wantsAmerican citizens to spy on fellow citizens to erase opposition to hisevil agenda. Yet, the average American, especially white ones are inblissful ignorance about having voted in the first black president. Isn´t that nice??!!! I curse them all that voted for this sick, evilpuppet of the Satanic Jews!

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