Monday, 29 June 2009


Hi guys glad you could make my forum, I must say I am really impressed with your recent ramblings and the age ole boring things again like WM is working for searchlight, lol, or I am a grass, If I was I would sue you for slander.

Ok first off the first video you have isn't even me lol,
2nd off now this is important, WERE NOT BNP, everyone knows that except it seems for you lot, you really are up to date aint ya, I have some good advice, if you use tooth paste, and a plastic thing with brushes on, its called a toothbrush, and it may wash the shit out of your mouth what you keep talking, but then again it probally wont.

Anyone fancy a laugh check this out and see how many faults you can find with these retards, obviously got nothing better to do with there time. Mind you I see they have the help of the BPP with working with them so that says it all, well the BPP3 that is.


  1. LOL @ the brave fellow in the checked shirt flapping his sign.

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  3. MMMMM do they now..I think Nationalists and reds will be interested in the above, as everyone hates states.

  4. thanks for the address comrades

    have added it alone with more of kate states lies

  5. I think all though the BPP3, and the NWN lot like to slate people off on the net so can others, and rightly so, I do believe that its geting childish, but then I also understand that people should be able to defend themselves.


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