Wednesday, 24 June 2009

FAO Eddie Stampton

Eddie grow up yourself I have just seen you post on your shity blog I tried answering it but it wouldn't let me.

Ok yes people did think I was a wrong one, Kate/Kev simply because of LEEDS then the traiterous way they behaved against me.

And certain people out the WOLFPACK.

2nd all the people you have come into contact with you have tried persuading that I am a wrong un, save your bollox for NWN mate as action speaks louder than any of your words, yourS and the above SPEAK FUCK ALL,

You act all big and tough on the net with your false threats, saying you will meet with anyone at a bnh gig to sort out your problems, well dont you know you get banned for that at bnh? Or is that your plan, and if you remember we did have words at bnh, you shook my hand and said you dont want trouble as we should all be working together, then you do 2 threads slating me off on your blog?

And on NWN you and Kate, Kev are still slating me off, well I dont care about your words you worm, I don't have a problem with you, but you sure as hell seem to have a problem with me, keep this shit off the net, tex, ring or we can meet up at the next bnh gig, upto you mate.

We have enough problems with the reds, and you have to give them cheap frills by being the net hardman.


  1. Well that sounds very fair to me, it's put up or shut up time now for ES.

  2. kate will never let him do that
    when kate says jump eddie asks how high

    its a shame he doesnt think for himself no more

    i look forward to the day he sees thru kate like the rest of us have


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