Monday, 8 June 2009


The BFF would like to give there regards to the WOLFPACK2, it has apeared on the net that we are glad that Sweany/thorborn are arrested, we are not, We have said its there own fault that they have brought unwanted police attention to them, and that is true. There constant boasting of killing people on forums is just plain stupid, and supporting that kind of thing.

The BFF told them months ago to take it down, which they never, the police are watching forums and to think they dont is absurd, thats why the BFF distance themselves from such groups, we are not a illegall org, we are not terrorists, or Para militant like some people have suggested, we are just spreading the word of NS, legally which, last I heard is still legal.

The address in Burnopfield came to the attention of authorities as a result of internet activity - including bomb making websites - being traced there.

This is why I called them 2 stupid, like I said they got arrested for Ricin, but there bragging on the net is what they originally got arrested for.


  1. The ricin news has come as a huge shock; we are still getting to the bottom of this.
    I took the forum completley Off Line for a few days to do a "Clean Up" job on it.
    yer I know its a bit like "Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted"...........
    Lessons have been learnt, Bit late for our 2 POWs.
    And despite Rumours, WOLFPACK Are NOT Closing down or Winding up; But carry on the fight, With a Bit more Caution.

  2. No mate I totally agree, its the best choice.

  3. Latest News on our POWs,
    Thorburn has been Bailed, but must wear an electronic Tag.

    Sweaney has been remanded [Durham Jail ?]
    untill a Prelimiary Hearing on June 19th
    at "Get This" The Old Bailey in London !!!!

    More on my Blog.

  4. Ok m8 thanks for the update, it looks like Thorborn may get away with it, or a light punishment, Sweany I believe may not be as lucky, I think and I hope I'm wrong he maybe made a example of, and he is associated as the leader of the WP, now of course I know he isn't the leader, like he wasn't the leader of the ASF, but zog has known him to be a major player in both orgs.

  5. You said they deserved it & countrywide said if they get jailed & i quote "good".Lets tell the truth now micheal!

  6. Show me were I said good? I said they did deserve it cos they couldn't keep there mouth shut on the net, I warned them to take it off, as did other BFF members and other groups, but no they new best, so it is there own fault.

    Say nothing on the net that you wouldn't say to a coppers face, sick of saying that, I don't like them, or certain other WP, members but WATTY the reason why I warned them to take it off the net was because I didn't want them getting sent down, even when I got a visit from old bill I told Res straight away, and to take any shit off threats off the net, and what did SWEEANY say? I'm lying, and jealous FFS, so concieted thats why I said they deserve it, and they do.

  7. I didnt say you said good,countrywide said if they get jailed then "good".Now the lads in the movement i have no time for(i can count them on one hand) but if any of these lads were in a simular situation its the cause & therefore all the lads in it who are the loosers.So it can never be good & just coz someone acts naeve(im not saying sweeney has or hasnt) & gets lifted by the zog they dont deserve it as far as im concerned,even if it was any of the lads ive no time for.Im not posting on here,cant be arsed with it but just came to defend sweeney & what has ben said as he not here to do it himself.

  8. And I am speaking for myself, Sweany was not naive cos I warned him, Sweany is a jumped up egotistical loser, that wouldn't listen to advice, I didn't have to give him it, but I choose to, when they bring unwanted attention to ZOG for no reason then it is his fault, its his fault when your rog on the forum, talks about killing people, that is such a stupid thing to come out with, anyone with 1 brain cell knows that's a dumbass comment to come out with..

    You are defending someone and making them out to be a hero when all he had to do was wind his neck in, he didn't get arrested for the cause, he got arrested cos he wouldn't take advice and couldn't keep his fat mouth shut so thats why I said its his own fault, know one elses, and I personally dont care if you post on here or not. And no poibnt crying on here when they ignore me and then get arrested.



  9. Ouch !

    :Correction to my Update:

    Sweaney is being held in Brixton Prison London
    Prison Phone Number is, 020 85886000
    to book a visit call, 020 86781433

  10. :June 18th Update:
    Sweaney Appeared at the "Old Bailey" today via Video Link, Been Remanded untill OCTOBER;
    Charged under Terrorist Laws & Chemical Weapons.
    Moved from Brixton; Fuck knows where to;
    Full story Here;

  11. Thanks for keeping us updated, I really wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy, but I am sorry tyo say I think he will be made a example off, I can't see Sweany being let out anytime soon .

  12. :Off Topic:
    Well Done to BFF in Blackpool ...........

  13. Thanks m8, Blackpool Antifa organised the protest, BFF decided to try and say hello


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