Wednesday, 24 June 2009

10 reasons Why I hate the reds

1, We have people who are homeless in Britian, yet the reds fight for the ethnics to be housed.

2, We have starving people in Britian, yet the reds fight for starving ethnics,

3, Our country is geting over populated by the day, yet the reds fight for them to stay in Englanmd, and to bring them in.

4, As more ethnics from 3rd world countries come into our country, the crime level escalates, yet the reds say were all the same.

5, 6MILLION jEWS died ), we all reminded of that, yet nothing is mentioned by the reds when Stalin the Jew caused absolute genocide, nearly destryoed the Ukrain a whole country and is believed to have killed nearly 60 million people in his life time. No reds complain against thta, some evenm supporting Stalin.

6, Ethnics DO HAVE preferential treatment over native brits, even native Asians and blacks have noticed this, yet the reds deny it, and still fight for there rights.

7, Despite all the above, the reds say we are all the same.

8, The most dangerous places to live in the UK now is ethnic populated, yet the reds seem to turn a blind eye to this.

9, The reds all scream about racism and poor old Athony Walker, and Stephen Lawrence, both terrible murders, but not as terrible as Kriss Donald, the reds come out in there hundreds to support the black victims, but not one red came out to support any white victims of ethnic murders, when all the groups came out to support Kriss Donald, the reds said nothing in support of him.

10, The reds scream Nazi's are scum, yet Rudolf Hess came to Britian on a peace mission, Winston Churchill, the Jew, broke international law and had him arrested and roughed up, despite locals saying he was kind and friendly also with a broken ankle on his landing, it was felt he needed to be roughed up, and bundled into a vanm, he never killed anyone, he was on a peace mission, he spent 47years in captivity, most in Isolation, bragging he was mad, the Russian president Gorbachov wanted his release, everyone did but the British government refused, it was said he was gonna expose the traiterous acts of what he suffered, the goverment, had him killed, and tried saying it was suicide.

Nelson Mandella was a terrorist, responsable for slaughtering hundreds of whites, as well as blacks that crossed him, but mainly Whites, seen as a hero, spent 27years in captivity, with other prisoners, treated like a hero in prison, released and made a hero by the reds, so much so that there is a statue dedicated to him, were thousands go every year, even made president, despite forgetting the original reason why he was there in the first place.


  1. You can add Mandela's 90th birthday party on English soil, paid for by the tax payer!

    And let's not forget Mugabe. £60million pounds to carry on exterminating whites!

  2. Well said the list goes on, that was all I coulod think off, from the top of my head


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