Monday, 22 June 2009

The truth about net warriors

I notice that certain people from the BPP/NWN and stormfront have been very critical of the BFF of late, especially after our Sat meet in Blackpool. They feel the need to critisise when were successful, or arrested, Kate even said that why wasn't my house raided? For giving a stiff arm salute?
3 of us was dressed in black, so that means were really MI5?
She's either stupid, inexperienced or state, red?

Yes comrades, we go as skins we look like twats, we go undercvover or casual, then were wiggers n chavs, we do nothing n were net warriors, we do something and were state, we give advice and were know it all, we sit back and were cowards.

Well I never started the BFF to please people, I started the BFF to get street active and start fighting back, for our race and nation, and thats what I intend to do, so fuck the jealous net warriors.


  1. You also had lots off support of ST aswell two users got account disabled for slaggng off fellow nationalists thanks to a senior moderator. so thuk tha muppets

  2. Be It a Street active org, or a Forum, one can never please everyone all of the time.
    As I know only to well.
    Oh Its all very well mouthing off on the net,
    But ask the same person to turn up at a meet,
    or to put there fists where there mouth is and
    they will run a mile.

    The BFF are, along with other Orgs doing a great job,So net Warriors Join the battle.....
    or Fuck Off.

  3. Well said bro, I think every lil helps, a forum, street action, politics, what ever some one can do then do it, and shouldn't put other Nationalists down for it, let them be judged on there actions, not mine.

  4. I'd take no notice of wankers like Kate State, Wanker Wetmough and the misfits and wierdos of NWN.

    Just because you didn't spend two months talking to the police then cry down the phone coz they didn't turn up.

    BFF are leading the way. R&N.


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