Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Silly reds

You know it really looks quiet pathetic when the reds scream that Nationalists are cowards, they believe in democracy, they want equal rights, but what do we see here.

100 OF EM CHASE 2 lads,
10 beat up 1 nationalist.
screaming and shouting,
Attack NG car.

All this beacuse and wait for it people, BNP won fairly and democratically, in the elections, pathetic, so what the cowardly reds mean, is they want equal rights, also democratically voting, as long as its going there way.

People are waking up to there lies, there was on ch4, a Jew, and a blackman screaming that Nick Griffin supports the holocaust, he wants to bring it back, maybe the person who said that should be on trial for slander, can some one please copy and paste in modern times were NG HAS SAID THAT, OR WERE IN THERE MANIFESTO does it say that, scare mongering can only work with a little proof.

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