Saturday, 20 June 2009

BFF 4 arrested

Well comrades it really beggers belief, today we went to Blackpool to support the BNP, we was refused entry by the police to the Hotel, 4TIMES!!!!

We decided to just watch near were the unwashed was, 2 men approached us and called us Nazi scum, we responded back to them, then we was approached by a female shoving a card in our faces, saying I DIDN'T VOTE. I asked her what she meant, she wouldn't answer our question, the police asked us to move on, so we did then a crowd ran at us screaming NAZI SCUM, so we retaliated back and gave them a salute.

We then got arrested, but a ginger hair red tried to run at me, I stopped so he changed his mind, we was arrested and detained for over 11 hours, we was arrested for inciting racial hatred? But the salutes was at whites? RED SCUM, who actually started it in the first place, so nearly 50 of them, and 4 of us, we defend ourselves from the reds cowardly attacks, and were arrested, unbelievable.

A special big thanks to SKINHERITAGE, for going out of his way, and waiting hours to pick us all up, and backing up our youth all the way, he got me home safe, THANKS MATE.

Also Thanks a lot Chubs, you waited and helped me out loads, also looked after me when we got home, thanks hun x


  1. Well Done BFF;
    Why do the Filth support the red scum but
    arrest Innocent White Protesters ?,
    Its a real fucked up world.

  2. Sorry that you couldn't get in.
    Members only, but if you are i'm not sure?

    Thanks for your support though.They'd all gone by the time we had a break.

    Thanks all the same.

  3. We have members of BNP in our org, thye brought there membership cards, and the police wouldn't let us any were near


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