Thursday, 11 June 2009

results for the fight for your race

So I see in the polls that 87 people would gladly fight for there race? Really? So were are they then? Why are these 87 people standing back and letting there country go to shit, I also assume there is a lot more as not every person or Nationalist comes on here.

WAKE UP PEOPLE, our country is being taken away from us, and while we stand back and watch, the powers of above get stronger and stronger.


  1. A Very interesting Poll mate; what alarmed me was the 17% who said they WONT fight for there
    Country; Where they the Honest ones ?, While the ones who said they will fight for there country. but don't;
    Perhaps some people have the wrong Idea; Not everyone can Physical Fight, There are many, many ways one CAN fight for there Race & Nation.
    So Say Yes, and DO IT; Say no, and just Fuck off then.

  2. Thats true, the BFF is a street active org, so does that mean that everyone goes on the street and physically fights? No contribution, and planning for events is whats needed, just brawn will result in nothing more than the footy hooligan mentality, which will result in many years locked away, no good to anyone then..

    Activities take many forms, as you know in the army, youm have your privates, sergents, Majors, all trained to fight in there own way.

    Kate once said to be street active means to do illegall activities, and unfortunately a lot of people think like that, NO IT ISN'T, It iosn't illegal to go to demo's, unless thats ilegal, it isn't illegall to be walking down the street abd defend yourself against reds, it isn't illegal to deliver leaflets. You know what I am saying the list goes on.

  3. Yes

    87 (82%)


    18 (17%)

    Votes so far: 105
    Poll closed


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