Monday, 22 June 2009

BFF doubters

Well were was you all, you all slated my good name on Stormfront, And the BFF, YOU ALL HAD A LOT TO SAY BUT NOT TO MY FACE.

There really is no pleasing some people, no matter how hard we try, we always get the net warriors trying to knock us back.

You say were bad for Nationalism, but so is certain peoples constant slagging on the net, WE ARE NOT BNP, we are as we always said we are, street active org, and we always will be, regardless if certain people don't like it.

So get your head out your arses and do what you gotta do as we will do what we have to..


  1. have you got a court appearnce and fine to come yet. the cost of natinalism can be high. I think most people support you good luck lads

  2. dont worry what sean and his many sock puppets say

    99% of folk are behind you and the only ones that arent are those scared of taking it to the reds like kate state and her gang


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