Thursday, 2 July 2009

Truth Finder

Well I would just like to say that its not every day you come across many people in our circles that care more for the movement than themselves, but this guy has proved this, despite past disagreements met him last week, talked about problems, sorted them out, and now it looks like at last we can finally move on.

88 Mate

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  1. Well im a Bit Gobsmacked, And lost for Words [First time for everything]
    I Run my own Forum/Org & Blog, and have been trying all I can for my Race & Nation.
    Unity Is a Much used term in NS, and is hard to find, But at last, In some small way I think im making Progress.
    After indeed a Very good Meet up last week, At least Two people in the Fight have found Unity,
    from this small acorn let a Mighty Oak tree grow.


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