Friday, 12 June 2009

Kate Dermondy FAO

Kate is looking for friends, I hope by putting this on our blog it will help her get some, this is for you Kate


  1. Getting a bit childish aren't you?

  2. Me childish? Lol maybe, so your her new protecter? I think if someone is not who they say they are people need to know, and clearly a Kate Dermondy isn't.

    And speaking of childish, didn't Kate have a poll wether I am a man or a woman on your forum? I am definately a red, or a coppper as well, slated every op I have ever done, despite everything she does, she has cop protection and I don't, also threatening me with the police.

    People in glass houses springs to mind.You defend a person that spends all her time slating off Nationalists and proving there a wrong un as she says, of course if you wanna debate about this I will, and you can bring others along as well, but do NOT come on here to cause trouble, crap stir, or just spout basic shit.

    Your beloved Kate started all this, not me.

  3. A prostitute, and a former lesbian hey? wow lol she really does fight for the 14 lol

  4. Look again! I haven't defended Kate anywhere.
    My comment was you are acting childish and you agreed maybe you are.
    So I don't see the need to blather about side issues.

  5. You coming on here for your first post saying I am indeed being childish on a Kate thread would indeed suggest you are defending her honour.

    But then being a red yourself I am not surprised, I also said maybe as a mock agrement with you.


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