Friday, 26 June 2009


Well comrades, I really do believe that that more and more people are starting to distrust the reds, I also believe that the reds are starting to use infiltraitors again, Yawn. But also I see unity is on the horizon, and about time to that serious people are starting to want to work together..



  1. Comrades take a look at the Expose the Reds blog, it's been updated and more photos have been added with names etc check em out.
    Keep up the Good work BFF got some crackin photos of you and the boys in Blackpool if you want em adding in a sub section to our Expose The Reds blog.

  2. stumbled upon this blog, and put a link on mine.
    YAHWEH Bless you.

  3. Greetings and good tidings. My name is Sean W.,i am the Florida State Leader for NSALP ( National Socialist American Labor Party ) and Global Moderator at zogs nightmare ( forum ). I urge everyone to join our forum at zogs nightmare. This is a great blog site and i have become a follower of it. I have a blog as well, please feel free to leave a comment if you will. Thank You.

  4. Indeed Serious People Do want to work Together,
    And move up to the next level in our Fight against the Reds :
    Thanks for a First Class Meet up Mate.
    Working Side by side in the battle for our Nation.

  5. Indeed thats all I'm interested in, and your right, if were all serious in getting something done, anything is possible,


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