Sunday, 19 April 2009

Zog part2 by DEAN S.

THE FOLLOWING post is by Dean and does not necassarly represent the BFF views..

There is a occult group that practices on Bodmin moor, thuis group is made up of lawyers and CPS solicitors, they commit horrific crimes against people who then end up on the missing persons list the government is aware yet do nothing, law is controlled tey do no want to rock the boat.

Home security Jackie Smith, has finally agreed to release secret documents regarding the Hillsborough disaster its rather Ironic that the public servents hide the truth from there bosses you the peoplem however the Hilssborough disaster shall remain in history as a great cover up rather like the sad day when armoured cars open fire against crowd in Ireland, upon order of the British government at a football match.

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  1. Nice to see Independent Content on this Blog:

    Ref Hillsborough, This is a national disgrace,
    It is a huge "Cover Up"; Its rich people;influential people,who dont want the truth ever to be known; and so with "Back Handers" with crooked politicians, and indeed
    there jew bosses that has kept the report secret. I Recon its time to "Name & Shame"
    Make the Report Public NOW.


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