Friday, 24 April 2009

Ulster BFF

2 weeks ago 4 of Ulster BFF was walking down the street monding there own business, 7 Romanions came round teh corner and approached them, they then proceeded to attack our comrades, but being BFF they fought back proudly, they started to get the better of the 7 Romanions, then timing being perfectly old bill came, even though out numbered, the police realising that the Romanians was forien let them ago, and arrested the BFF 4.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't self defence still not illegall, of course they are not guilty, but we still have to bow down to ethnics? The police let our comrades go.

How racist it seems that everytime there is trouble and we defend ourselves the police come hard on us.

The ethnics say we are weak compared to them, were not weak, its just that everytime we fight back were the ones arrested and sometimes sentenced, so they take our active comrades off the streets while these animals rule with terror.

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