Monday, 13 April 2009


I thought a great atrticle from Peter Hitchens in the daily mail 14th March
What do we expect if we treat our own nation with such contempt?

The insulting anti-British demonstration in Luton is a sign that we are losing – and may already have lost – the most important battle for survival in our modern history.
Our political leaders like to pretend they are defending us against all kinds of perils – especially bogeymen such as Al Qaeda.

I have always thought this was humbug, partly designed to conceal their failure to protect us from the real perils of the EU and the destruction of our culture.

Now you can see, in those Luton faces, exactly what I mean.

For years these same leaders have been the active allies of a real enemy right here among us.

That enemy is the deliberate destruction of Britain, the smearing of its history, the mocking of decent patriotism, the undermining of loyalty.
Those who were rightly angered at the ill-mannered and contemptuous display in Luton – the scowling menfolk and their sullen, shrouded women – should aim their anger not at these misguided individuals but at the liberal Left which has brought us to this point.

It is the absolute right – and in many ways the duty – of a free subject of the Crown to protest against any war he or she feels to be wrong. I have been against the Iraq War since before it began and am likewise against the ill-considered adventure in Afghanistan.
But such protests can only be made if they are based upon a deep loyalty to and love for this country and its people. To anyone who has such feelings, the idea of jeering at honest, courageous soldiers is repulsive.
These are our own people, who have rightly done their duty and followed lawful orders, as they are supposed to do.
If we wish to voice insults, then we should direct them against the dim or malevolent political figures who are really responsible, and who have never risked so much as a broken fingernail in the great causes they claim to supportand for which they send other men’s sons to die and be maimed.
The cap badges and flags of those soldiers are part of my history.

And it is a history of which I am endlessly proud, which has kept these islands safe from foreign conquest and subjugation, deportation, massacre, enslavement and plunder for centuries.

They have preserved an almost unique society of freedom under the law in a world where both are in very short supply.
How is it possible for any British person not to understand this? For, let us be absolutely clear, the people on that Luton protest are British by every legal measure.
We have rightly been told for many years not to refer to such people as ‘immigrants’ for the simple reason that they have been born and raised here.
Why then do they not feel as we do? It is not because they are Muslims. Muslims served the British Crown with loyalty and distinction in the days of Empire, and would not then have dreamed of insulting this country’s flag or scorning its soldiers.

It is because we have encouraged them to think like this by ceaselessly attacking our own country.
We teach our children to be ashamed of our past. We tell them our sailors at Trafalgar had weevils in their biscuits but not that by astonishing courage and endurance they saved Europe from endless tyranny.
We act ashamed of the Christian religion that formed our laws and institutions. We encourage new arrivals to speak their own languages, to stay in isolated communities.
We never say that there are two sides to hospitality – a concept our Muslim citizens understand very well – and that those who are welcomed are expected to be loyal members of the society they have voluntarily joined. What do we expect these people and their children to think if we treat our own nation with contempt?
The reasons for this lie buried in the lost teenage years of our elite. Far more of them than are now ready to admit it were revolutionary Marxists at the time.
They have not really changed the views they held then, just become cleverer at achieving their aims. Now we see the result.
Of course, if British Christians living in an Islamic country turned out to jeer at that country’s army, they would be torn to pieces by the crowd or hurled into prison.
I am rather proud of the immense restraint shown by most of those who went there to cheer – because such restraint is very British. But how long will restraint be British, and the British be restrained?
I cling to the idea that it is not too late to stop the disintegration of our society but, if so, then time is very short indeed.

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