Monday, 13 April 2009

Dave of the BPP

Dave the Oldham organiser and the security organizer of the BPP has now decided to pack in his rolls of the BPP, and start to move on in more productive measures, we wish Dave good luck in what ever he decides to do.


  1. Bloody hell this Information got on here bloody quick;
    I must say there is a Number of VERY BIG question Marks about the BPP; I would be VERY Interested in Hearing the Full story.

  2. Yes truth finder I agree.

    As far as finding out the full story, I very much doubt it. Not from the BPP anyway, all though there quiet welcome to come on here and have there fair share, and unlike WHITELIES, I won't stop people posting, unless they post pornography, or silly threats

  3. I'm rather afraid the NS scene across the UK has been held back with in fighting, and squabbles
    for far to many years.
    The blacks & Muslims must be laughing there heads of.
    This is the time more then ever before for all
    NS groups to work together.
    As for BPP I think they are loosing the plot;
    They sure are loosing a lot of members & support.


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