Monday, 6 April 2009

The system

Why do the law police solicitors have no truly independent bodies to investigate themselves most strange, mind you they have been getting away with it for awfully long time such as occult group made up of lawyers solicitors CPS,how many black people have died on bodmin moor now on missing persons list because of this group government are aware of this group yet turn blind eye they dare not expose the law that controls.

The CIA ran op Jamaican high unemployment areas many years ago flood the area with drugs crime rate rocket courts full prison full and solicitors make money win win situation for government control yet during the war, Britain managed to close opium routes to Germany then created methadone, find this ironic pits heavily industry close to the north of England flooded with drugs, which is profitable for legal establishment..

Sometime ago went to the police complaints in London the police refused to open the case.A police officer named Bryan mc Namara was boasting to a chap by the name of D.Ewang was to be shot because D Ewing spat at him at the old Baily by the star club, this group operated with in the police force, at a later date D Ewing was shot coming out of a shop with just a kit kat, needless to say officers was charged with no convictions.

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