Monday, 13 April 2009

Unity the pipe dream

Its been suggested by a some groups that we all work together, as we all need unity, I say we don't, its not numbers as such we need, quantity its quality.

I will work with anyone even people I hate, but they have to be able to offer some kind of contribution, or whats the point of having 300 dead wood, when you can have 50 true warriors.

There is 2 people in particular in the WOLFPACK UK, who I admit I hate, but do I carry on living my life in hate? Or do I put my feelings to one side for the better. LEE88 and SWEANY are 2 such people who have behaved appallingly to me with made up slander and silly net threats, but if these 2 people are looking at unity and to be active I will work with them,,

I say let the past be past, and move on, there is enough enemies out there who want to destroy us with out us doing it to ourselves.



  1. This could be the 1 and only chance for unity,,

  2. Mike I would like to meet up with you face to face, I know you could kill me, but I want to put the past behind us. Paul

  3. I Look forward to meeting you Sunday.


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