Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I would just like to give my respect to the BPP3, that was arrested on terrorism charges for trying to sell 20 Loyalist badges, I understand that the reds must be shaking in there shoes knowing that the BPP has turned to terrorism, but I am so glad that the BPP had fantastic security, a big 88 to the WOLFPACK 2, for providing such tight security. All though none of them up to now had there computers taken off them, I'm sure there is a radical explanation for it.

Well done fellas you really do fight for the 14words, I now feel safe that our country maybe in your hands one day.Also glad to know that there is know slagging off other Nationalists or orgs in your party, now that shows unity.


  1. This I feel is the First step to Real Unity.

  2. Indeed it is, looks like everyone is starting to work together.


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