Thursday, 23 April 2009

British are not in control of our country

Betty Phillips, who is English, married a white American. She gave birth to a daughter, Deborah Wile she was living in the United States, but cam back to Britain when the child was 3years old. Despite the family having resided in the UK for past 45years, Deborah has been told she can no longer remain in the UK to look after her frail aging mother.

Deborah naturally assumed that, with every kind of foreigner being welcomed into Britain, she would have no problem getting her notice of deportation over turned. However the immigration Minister, Liam Byrne rejected her request to remain. Deborah was rightly furious with the decision and said that she "would have a better chance of avoiding deportation if she was a foreign criminal or terror suspect, and we all no she is right.

Liam Byrne, who holds the position of Immigration Officer, is a vile anti-British leftist who should never have been elected into parliament. The public is failed by a fraudulent party system, that allows candidates to be elected without being scrutinised. It is only by blind faith in the party system which allows the likes of Byrne to obtain a position from were they can rule us.

Taken from the Flame NF paper

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