Wednesday, 22 April 2009

More form my mate Dean S

MI5 have been working 2 rador hole through out Ireland IRA campain. They worked 2 rador holes, one west coast, one Scotland, return leave by. Our intel chaps crashed chopper then Irelandoffered peace dealhow convinced are you? Accident?..Now the Yanmks U.S.A whome funded teh IRA, are dragginginto shit around the world.


  1. Niks, niente, nada, nothing about his 120th birthday on April 20 ?

  2. What has this comment got to do with the post? Hitlers birthday was done on the BFF forum..

  3. The same birthday as of the dumbhead of your silly church ? You know that she is from German descent too ?


    Are you Kate by any chance? Lol, your ramblings are making no sense, please speak English and make sense or no more of your silly posts will be allowed on here, I'm sure a mole like you should have better things to do than mess about on here, and sorry only the most trusted are allowed on our forum, true forum that is, anyone who is slanderous, state, red, traitor, a infighter are not allowed, so I'm afraid that counts you out hunny.


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