Saturday, 25 April 2009

Political parties vs Street orgs

There seems to be some confusion with certain people that sometimes don't know the difference between the 2, so I will try and explain.

Certain political groups like the BPP for example are a perfectly legal legitimate political party, to stay as a member you pay subsriptions, sometimes they will do street demo's after getting permission from the police, this goes for every political party not just the BPP.(Just using them as a example)

They will do street active ops to get there face about, mainly to get political backing off the general public, there main priority to get there msg across, and hopefuly win votes.When they do street demos its also backed by the police, as the police protect them. This is not for everyone though as was proven when the BPP did the LEEDS demo, and 13 turned up, 3 being our lot at the time. Then when they had there last meet 30 turned up, so that proves that not all in political parties wanna be street active, of course some have there own reasons and rightly so, good jobs, hates physical confrontations, many reasons.


Now you have a street active group like for example the BFF, SO WHATS THE DIFFERENCE THERE?

Ok for one we don't have subsciptions, we are a perfectly legal group that works with like minded people, to promote our ideals. We DON'T DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL even though some silly people think to be street active you do. We go on the street with out police protection.

Do we think were hard? No
Are we bully boys? No

Like I said its all about giving people choices and making them aware of different opinions, and not always the brainwashed trivel that they have been taught. We believe that taking these ideals to the street is how people will learn this.

Debate and education is how we learn, is it right that we should put ourselves in unneccassary harm with no benefit? Of course not, like the BPP Leeds demo I was warned there would be hundreds of police there which is why I never went, no chance of confrontation, is that cowardly? NO.
Its using your brains to protect yourself and your org, some of our lads that went regretted it. The most of what happened would have been a fight the penelaty for that would have been a jail sentence, is that really worth it? What impact would that have made?



What ever people choose to do, I respect anyone who is sincere and loyal to the cause, politics? Street action? Its your choice, but if we feel strongly about sopmething no matter what it is, then do something about it, becausse sitting on your backside all day won't do anmything, take part in a activity, or vote, or join a party, the choice is yours.



There is something out there for everyone.

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  1. You Know mate, I Agree with you; The WORST Crime is to sit on your arse and do Nothing;
    The BFF/RVF just like Wolfpack, Just want to Educate the Jew brainwashed masses the Truth about whats going on; But we have to be "Super Cairfull" cause the law is all pro Black & Muslim,
    The law is Against Any WHITE disagreement.
    That is how bad things are now;
    Its a Crime to be WHITE.
    So Together we must Unite in "Legal" Protest.


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