Thursday, 30 April 2009

Nationalists Traitors?

Well it seems we have some traitors in our mists comrades, some so called Nationalists, (sic) have hacked into my account and forum, tried causing dis unity for the very thing they say they fight for, they brag on NWN, that they will put up my pm's, were it could get me into trouble? Also have been causing trouble in my name, hoping someone will wanna word with me.

So this is the 14w's and unity they all cry for? Rubbish this proves there state, oh and when you do put up my pm's you do know that it is illegall to hack?

Like I have said many times, why not put your energies into something more constructive than infighting? Instead of trying to cause trouble with me and find fault with other comrades, why not put your efforts into finding reds, putting there details up?

You say you hate ZOG, and the police? But there the first people you go running to when there's trouble, I on the other hand don't, but what I will do is expose you all and with the proof.

Or instead of net war, give me a ring for a meet, I'm sure I will oblige.

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