Friday, 17 July 2009

More idiotic claims by Antifa

Only weeks after being nicked for straight-arming it at the UAF in Blackpool, Liam Pinkham, one of the stupid twerps in the so-called “British Freedom Fighters”, a tiny neo-Nazi group who specialise in trying to frighten soft targets, has been in court in relation to a previous incident. Pinkham, who goes by the moniker Pino88 to his fellow fascists, and by Penis88 to others, was charged with threatening two female members of staff at Liverpool’s ‘News From Nowhere’ bookshop during a BNP march through the city. According to the two women, Pinkham had threatened to burn down the shop, something Pinkham has boasted about in his own stupid posts on fascist internet forums. In court however, his barrister Philip Astbury insisted he had only threatened to “shut down the shop”, (though Pinkham repeated his earlier claim within hours of his court appearance.) Pinkham, of Leeswood Road, Woodchurch, Wirral, had originally been charged with criminal damage and racially aggravated intentional harassment, but he pleaded to the lesser charge on the day his trial was due to start. According to his internet posts, Pinkham now expects Community Service, something which he reckons will allow him to carry out more “Ops” (This is how the ‘BFF’ term their previous outings, which include being photographed standing on some steps in Scotland, being photographed outside a social club in Brighton, being videoed near some UAF demonstrators in Manchester, and being photographed outside a closed social centre in Leeds – Terrifying stuff!) We doubt it’ll be long before justice catches up with this fascist scumbag though, and that once again he’s crying like he was after being nicked in Blackpool.


  1. lol of cos it is, you know us so well don't you, I wonder if you have figured out who our plant is yet in Antifa.

  2. Antifa are a complete joke, and they are forgetting a couple of important things.

    1, The UAF was responsable for putting a hammer over the small built BNP middle aged man in Leigh, they call that a victory, then when we go to oppose the UAF, were just picking on nobodies.

    2, The Uaf in Blackpool was all old ladies, and men, not true there was mainly mid 20's, and if it was 50 ladies they should be able to take 4BFF, I mean were 1 middle aged man, and 3 kids aint we?

    Your contridiction is laughable,


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