Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Festival of History 2009

Well last weekend saw the Festival of History 2009 taking place in Kelmarsh hall in Northants. Its a 2 day event, with over night camping. I only went for the saturday as have never been before so didnt know what to expect, I have to say i was blown away by the place! There were 3 main arenas running battles & reinactments all day long, thats why 2 days is best so you can get to see everything thats going on. There were reinactments of Gladiators, Huskars, English civil war, Jousting, WWII tank battle with a aerial display of 3 WWII planes,& loads more every set of reinactors had their own encampment so when they wernt performing you could observe them in their daily routines, also there were American military camps, Artic experdition camps, Saxons, Normans, WWII land army girls, the list goes on...... with also a large historic market selling modern stuff like sweets & olives to hand made leather goods & medieval clothing & swords, all in all a great weekend of fun for all the family whilst learning too!

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