Sunday, 26 July 2009

National Socialism

National Socialism is about promotion of whitemans race, they believe in seperatism, it is nothing really any different to what other races believe and what other religions are trying to do.

So why is pride in the whitemans race classed as racist and apparently the ZOG are trying to ban it? Farewell to free speach.

Hitler didn't want to wipe out all races, or want a race only of tall, slim blonde hair, blue eyes, thats all lies to discredit him, Hitler actually respected the Muslims, Arabs, Orientals, Indians, also worked with mediteranians.

Why was Hitler and his closest men Dark haired? These lies and the 6million lies are the biggest threat to our society, thats what the scum has said to put people off us and turn whites against whites.

It is now a proven fact 6million didn't die, NS is the way forward..


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