Friday, 24 July 2009

There's only 1 Wiganmike?

After having a message sent to me on the C18 forum, there is some idiot on there bravely mouthing off on the net, now there's a surprise, trying to get people to turnn against me, he has absolute proof that I am a red, the reason being on the battle off Waterloo, there was a Mike in Wigan that was antifa? So that had to be me as this idiot can't believe that there is more than 1 Mike that lives in Wigan, despite that on the actual blog, I am there arguing with the red scum, this is from the blog white lies Monday, 6 July 2009

Check out the following link: notice there was a Wigan Mike attached to AFA back in the late 80s. Is this the same Wigan Mike that we all love to hate, this time around masquerading as a "Nazi"? If it is, was he acting as a spy/agent provocateur back then as he seems to be now?

And this is the link....

And this is what one of the reds have said....Anonymous said...
idiots if you knew the wigan mike that was in AFA when you say, you would know that he is not even a white person, please dont confuse the two, if you were involved with AFA or knew what you were talking about you would already know this.

18 July 2009 18:11

So either I have had skin bleaching, or this is actually a different WIGANMIKE?? Because he is actualy coloured, lol silly twats need to check there facts such is there desire to prove something and look for soemthing that isn't there, so here's some more Wiganmikes, obviously has to be me, as remember there is only one Mike that lives in Wigan..


  1. What is his "absolute proof"?

    The words "Wigan Mike" typed on the internet?

  2. I'm sure you know who the shit disturbers are. Despite the number of internet personas I bet there are no more than five of them. They don't want everyone to know how weak they are. Sounds like BPP - NWN.

  3. It appears that since this evidence has come to alight, the WHITE LIES BLOG has taken all this evidence down, to save further embarrassment all round, also the person spreading the rumours wasn't ES as some people assume, but a X Wolfpack UK member, he goes by many names but his most favourate one is RES or Resurected


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