Friday, 17 July 2009

Brave Antifa

Antifa England News 16/07: Nazi farmer Warner gets another visit
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It's just one month to go until the Red, White and Blue festival and host Alan Warner has had another late night visit to his farm. Gates were locked and "Dead Nazi" spraypainted on his front wall.

The BNP's sick "family festival" is a chance for Nazis from all over the country to get together and plot their further activities. Warner has proved to be an enthusiastic and out of control host for the event. He must be getting sick and tired of the attention though - this is the third time in a year he's had a visit from antifascists.

It seems he hasn't learned his lesson - security at the gate has been left in the hands of a mannequin in a fluorescent jacket! We always knew BNP security were dummies.

Fuck the BNP and the Red White and Blue!



  1. You have the balls to call our ops, try and make fun of them were and when, belittle them and try and minimise them, but you lot crow at the roof tops because you go to a farm, sneak there at night, and frighten a old man, calling him Nazi when he indeed isn't, spray painting on his wall that hes dead.

    You bunch of fucking cowards, Antifa certainly aint what they use to be are they,acting more like UAF hahahaha Antifa, what a joke

  2. What a bunch of cowards to pick on an elderly man.

  3. The only reason they belittle you and what you do is because they are jealous.

    They are not half the man you are and can only pick on soft targets.


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