Thursday, 30 July 2009


It all started with this really stupid
'movement' in the 1960's called ‘feminism.’
There were other really stupid 'movements' that started in the 1960's as well, such as the 'Hippy Drug Movement.'
And we all know what drug use leads to.........

The truth is never politically incorrect, so what they didn't teach you in school is that by their very genetic nature women are reactive, whereas men are proactive. And this natural fact has nothing with any social engineering of the past, present, or future.
So hopelessly unable to compete with men, feminism set about just lowering the standards of 'acheivement.'
Because no one wants to admit that not only was feminism a dismal failure, but a quantified disaster. Little known fact: Because of women entering the workplace en masse in the 1980’s, the price of homes and vehicles EXPLODED. Why? Because people could charge more for homes and vehicles because working women created the dual income household. No one is going is going to ask 250K for a home if no one can afford it. So now women are forced to work, whether they want to or not, victims of the economy they created; 95% of them stuck in low paying, dead-end jobs.

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