Saturday, 11 July 2009

WM is BPP?

FUCKING BPP, GRRRRRR Fucking wankers, I am anything but, more credit to them, I will state now I have never been BPP, or BNP, can the left actually get anything right?

The EDL are not racists, just because there may be some right wing people there does not mean that they ARE RACIST, there is also different colours there, and religions, are the reds saying that Muslim extremists are not a threat? Does the reds actually support our British people? Were was the reds when Kriss Donald was murdered by Muslims, were did they openly speak out about it and try and organise mass rallies to let people know this is wrong?

But oh no dare say something bad about these animals and there in a uproar about it. We all spoke publically about that poor old bloke from Liverpool when he slowly had his throat cut till he was beheaded, were was the reds support for this old gentleman, nope there wasn't any, and remember folkes his crime was working in a shit infested country like Iraq.

You reds have now fuelled my hatred for you even more.

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