Sunday, 26 July 2009

Kriss Donald killer boasts about killing

Race-hate monster in sick rant
By Chris Costello, 25/07/2009
RACE-hate killer Imran Shahid has launched a sickening rant - admitting he wishes he'd killed MORE white people.
The fiend, serving life for the horrific murder of schoolboy Kriss Donald, made the chilling death threat in a vile note to another prisoner.
And last night the shocked con on the receiving end of the monster's racist rant said: "It sent a chill down my spine."
Evil Shahid, 32, penned the note after a bitter bust-up behind bars which ended with the monster being put into solitary confinement for his own protection.
The clumsy letter, littered with spelling mistakes, was slipped under the inmate's cell door at Glasgow's Barlinnie Prison after Shahid was let out of the segregation unit.
It reads: "Don't think a went on protection. I woz maid. I wanted you n me at excersize to do yer top white boyz in the hall . . .
"I wish I wood hav dun mair than one o you white c***s."
It was signed with Shahid's nickname, Baldy.
The target of his stomach-turning message, whose identity we are protecting, admitted: "You see a lot of things in jail but I was shocked when I got the note."
And he recalled the events that led up to Shadid's sickening outburst. He explained: "I was out on the exercise yard when Baldy tried to intimidate some of the other cons. He started a scuffle with one of the younger boys.
"He had a go at me as well but I didn't take it and went for him. The guards broke everything up and put him on protection for his own safety.
"Baldy struts around the jail like he owns the place - but he's classed the same as a paedophile after what he did to Kriss.
"Baldy was raging at being put on protection though. I got the note about a week later. I couldn't believe he could be so cold about what he did."
Shahid was caged for at least 25 years in November 2006 for repeatedly stabbing 15-year-old Kriss then setting him on fire.
Along with his brother Zeeshan, 30, and Mohammed Mushtaq, 29, he kidnapped the teenager in Pollokshields, Glasgow, in March 2004 simply because he was WHITE.
The cowardly trio fled but were tracked down in Pakistan and deported to face trial. Our source added: "Shahid has shown no remorse. But he is a marked man. One gangster has offered £10,000 to anybody who can get to Baldy. He is under constant supervision. But somebody will get to him."
Last night a Scottish Prison Service spokesman said: "We will be launching a full investigation. We take racist remarks very seriously."
Shahid was recently moved to Glenochil prison in Tullibody, Clacks, after DEATH threats from other cons at Barlinnie. He is appealing against his conviction, alleging that Daanish Zahid - jailed for 17 years for his part in Kriss's murder - was coerced into giving false evidence at his trial.

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