Wednesday, 14 January 2009


This is the famouse booklet that has been pased around the Nationalist circles for a while, and the Anti circles, it has absolute proof Tony White is a grass and informant as wll as other bizzare claims, now I can't answer all of the accusations only Tony can do that but I can say my personal knowledge and what is assumption not fact with Tony.

1,Tony is a nonce, and has been arrested for seling child porn.

BOLLOX, Tony still lives with his wife and kids, which no court in the land would allow.

2, Tony has never been C18.

Tony was, , C18 wasn't a membership club that you paid fees, basically you committed ops in the name of C18, you was classed as C18, LEADERLESS RESISTANCE.

3, Tony never did anything.

4, Tony only did ops for his ego.

5, Tony is working with MI5,

Then in a violent place like Leeds why wasn't he dealt with, why does people still work with him?

6, Why does it big up Watmough as a hard man who is a loyal comrade, when he won't meet me and has shit on a lot of Nationalists yet cries he fights for the 14 words? Remember what he said about the BFF?

7, It says that Nationalists was wary of Tony when he first come on the scene?

So am I. We have to be wary.

8, Why when me and Tony did a lil op in Leeds did Tony run back and defended me, when he could have had me arrested, it would have been the perfect chance.

9, Tony is a nobody, and fights for his ego.

Ok look at it this way, and see if you see some similarities.

WIGANMIKE. The things I've been called.. Of course with absolute proof (sic)

1, I am a nonce.

I am a nonce that as people who knows me, knows I am a single dad with a teenage daughter.

2, I have never done any ops.

3, I only do ops for my ego?

4, I am MI5

5, I am a nobody who fights for my ego.

Does all this sound familiar? The similarities are unbelievable, they had absolute proof I was all the above and none proven, the above about Tony was done by reds, and is not proven, they have used a little proof and a lot of lies.

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