Saturday, 31 January 2009


Well it seems that the lies by the cowardly fannypack have started again,

I know that the spies of Fannypack will be cruising this blog, and as you see I am calling you, but this time with good reason, for no reason you did a unprovoked attack on me bravely through the net, but what was the reasons why?

1, FIST said I had been calling the wolfpack again, the post he put up was nearly 2 months old, go through and check if you like.

2, Fist screams that I should get my house fire bombed with my kids in there, and needs help, all because he wont face me despite calling me on the net. Fist then pretends to be STUKA, and again publicly on a forum plans to have me killed, pathetic it really is.

3. SWEANY.THORBORN, come from the same brush, both scream revenge on me and calls me a traitor, and race traitor, lol, thats a new one, how am I either? Lol idiots, great coming from a bunch of thieving knobs.

4, Oldham Dave, probally the biggest stirrer of them all, sits back and as usual mouths off behind the safety of his pc, this wierdo tells lies to get the attention he so badly craves, and all the newbies are taken in by this gay looking vicor,

5, Res, sits back and watches all this go on and sits back, watching and saying nothing, that makes him just as bad. Tell lies beyond belief, I don't really think this person knows whats real in his little fantasy dream like world.

I am not hard to find, fannypack was obviously set up to destroy me and the BFF, and you have failed, I am going to Scotland soon, you know what its about, why not come and do something about me then hey?

Welcome to the fannypack

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