Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Kate McDermondy

It seems that out very own Kate wasn't really known 12 months ago, but now she's notorious for infighting and causing trouble, in the small time she's been active, (sic).

She is well known for slating off good comrades, with the most flimsy of proof that would be laughed out of court, even to the point were she helps out a blog called WHITE LIES, and Kate seems to do very well at dishonoring Tony every chance she gets, in fact some may say a real fighter.

But it seems she doesn't like the fight when the boot is on the other foot. Recently there was a blog set up to expose KATE THE STATE as a wrong un, but this time she was at the receiving end of it and our KATE didn't like this, in fact she objected to it that much she had it taken down by yet again grassing up the author of the Blog, now she calls Tony a grass yet she has done exactly the same thing, mmm double standards hey Kate.

Now lets go through some facts in Kates warped mind who's a wrong un.

1, I'm a wrong un..

Up intill November, I was classed as a good bloke who fought for the 14 words, I heard from a reliable source which later proved to be correct that the Leeds demo would be a farce, with possible arrests, I warned Kate on this as I was doing security for her at the time, but oh no Kates ego is actually bigger than her ass, so it was discussed and agreed through good comrades it wasn't worth the risks, Kate had no hard feelings then cowardly told people I was no longer security but not me,

Next breath, I'm a wrong un.

2, Tony is a wrong un, yet again no proof, she doesn't get on with him.

3, JOE..

Yet again a wrong un, no proof.

4, JEN..

Acuused of a Jew, no proof, she liked Jen till Jen argued with her, now she is a wrong un, mmmm

5, Foxy..

Foxy was part of Kates crew, but when he realized through his mate being slated by her for no reason, he challenged her to explain her self, Kate of course tried making her self to be innocent, and objected to being questioned, Kates final conclusion? He's a wrong un. Fuck sake Kate can't you think of anything else to come out with?

The list goes on, now look at her hero, KEV WATMOUGH, the hard man and 30years of experience lol, she can't get that out at every opportunity enough, even in white lies he is portrayed as a loyal hard man.

Now here's the facts.

1, Kev is a coward.

He mouthed off at me on the pc, calling me all kinds of names, I challenged him to a talk, wink wink, I was then told KATE THE STATE would report me to the police if he's touched.

2, KEV the druggie..

When kev is not smoking his weed, or buying his coke, he goes to a hard wear store for his evo stick, yes people Kev is a well known dirty glue bag sniffer, and when he has ruin out of glue to sniff, he moves onto Kate's used knickers.

3, Kev the woman beater.

Yes Kev was pulled by the police for beating his x girlfriend up, a nice up standing citizen that fights for the 14 hey kate pmp

So good comrades who won't bow down to you oh Furher are wrong un's, mmmmm maybe its you who's the wrong un Kate.

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